How Classy and Kindful Stay In Sync


When you connect Classy to Kindful, all your Classy data - including historical Classy data - will sync into Kindful automatically. Once it’s in Kindful, you can search for and utilize this data in meaningful ways, so that you can interact with your donors in meaningful ways. In this article, we’ll go over how to search for your Classy data that has synced into Kindful.

This integration syncs one-way; this means that Classy sends data to Kindful, but Kindful does not send data to Classy. There are three elements in Classy that stay in sync with Kindful; Supporters, Transactions, and Campaigns. We’ll dig deeper into each of these elements in this article.

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Supporter Fields that Sync: Transaction Fields that Sync:  Special Notes
First Name Amount  
Last Name Campaign (based on Classy Campaign) When Kindful Campaigns are created for each Classy Campaign, the Kindful Campaign will default to the General Fund
Contact Type (Person or Organization) Transaction Date  
Organization / Company Name (if supporter type is an org) Transaction Type (all sync into Kindful as 'Credit')  
Email Address Cause (The name of the crowdfunding campaign created. *If applicable, also based on Classy Campaign) Only when transaction is created via Classy Peer to Peer or Registration with Fundraising
Address Line 1 Team (if applicable, based on Classy 'Fundraising Team' field) Only when transaction is created via Classy Peer to Peer or Registration with Fundraising
Address Line 2 Team Member (if applicable, based on Classy 'Fundraiser Team Member' field) Only when transaction is created via Classy Peer to Peer or Registration with Fundraising
City Tax-Deductible Amount  
State/Province Admin Note / Transaction Note (based on the Classy 'Donor Comment' field)  
Postal Code Currency Transactions sync to Kindful in the default currency set within your Classy account
Country Classy Transaction ID  
Organization Point of Contact's Name (First & Last Name fields if Company)    
Formal Letter Name (First & Last Name together)    
Preferred Name (imports Organization Name only if supporter type is an org)    
Contact Type (Person or Organization)    
Classy External ID    
Supporter Fields that DON'T Sync: Transaction Fields that DON'T Sync:  
Other Contact Custom Fields Fund  
Attendee contacts via Classy registration forms Designation  
  Other Transaction Custom Fields  


Classy Supporters = Kindful Contacts

All your Classy supporters will sync into Kindful as contacts. Once they’re in your account, you can use some targeted filters to engage with them in meaningful ways.

Here are your Supporters in Classy:


You can find your supporters in Kindful by going to Contacts & Activities > Contacts.


Recommended filters:

This will help you see all the contacts in Kindful that have synced over as a result of the integration. Always start with this filter first if you’d like to target the contacts that have synced into Kindful from Classy.

This filter shows everyone who is considered a “donor” in Kindful because they have a transaction on file.

Since all your campaigns in Classy have also synced into Kindful as campaigns, you can search for the donors who have given to a certain campaign in Kindful as well.

Other Recommendations:

You can use filters on your contacts page to create groups in Kindful. This can be particularly useful if you’re using an email-marketing app such as Mailchimp, Emma, or Constant Contact, which sync with Kindful groups. Once you’ve targeted your Kindful contacts with filters, you can create custom reports as well.

Learn more about groups here.

Learn more about filtering here.

Learn more about custom reports here.

Classy Transactions = Kindful Transactions

When you connect Classy to Kindful, all your Classy transactions will sync into Kindful as transactions as well.

Here is how your transactions look in Classy:


You can find those transactions in Kindful by going to Contacts & Activities > Activities.


Recommended Filters:

This filter will allow you to see all transactions that have synced from Classy to Kindful. As you build your filters in Kindful, always start with this one if you’re trying to target data from Classy.

This filter allows you to search for transactions by a certain campaign in Kindful.

This filter gathers all the transactions in Kindful that were made to a specific fundraising team for a Peer-To-Peer campaign in Classy.

This filter shows you all the transactions in Kindful that were made to a specific fundraising team member for a Peer-To-Peer campaign in Classy. In the event that a team does not have any team members other than the team captain, you can search for the team captain using this filter as well.

Tax Deductibility:

In Classy, there are two campaign types that allow you to specify an amount that is non-tax deductible:

  1. Registration with Fundraising
  2. Ticketed

Below is an example of where you might set the amount or percentage that is tax-deductible for a ticket in Classy.


When this ticket purchase syncs into Kindful, the amount that is tax-deductible also syncs in with the transaction. See an example below.


Learn more about filtering here.

Learn more about custom reports here.

Classy Campaigns = Kindful Campaigns

All of the campaigns you’ve created in Classy automatically create campaigns in Kindful as soon as you connect. If you were to change the name of a campaign in Classy, the name would update in Kindful when the next transaction made to that campaign syncs to Kindful.

Here is how your campaigns look in Classy:


Once they sync into Kindful, they’ll be accessible under Fundraising > Campaigns. See how they appear in Kindful below.


Organize your Campaign by Fund:

Once your Classy campaigns are in Kindful, you may want to group those campaigns together by assigning them to funds. To do this, click on the “edit” icon next to any campaign in Kindful, and change the fund to which it is assigned.


Learn more about the relationship between Campaigns & Funds here.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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