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Below is a Classy Integration FAQ.

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 If a someone buys a ticket in Classy, and then wants to add another donation on top of the ticket price, do both the ticket and the extra donation sync into Kindful?

Yes! The purchase of the ticket with an added donation will sync into Kindful as two transactions; one for the price of the ticket, and one for the amount of the donation.  

Which types of Classy transactions sync into Kindful?

Classy Transaction Type Creates Transaction Type in Kindful
Cash Cash
Check Check
CC Credit
Pledge does not import into Kindful
Sponsor does not import into Kindful
Other does not import into Kindful

If someone donates to a Classy campaign more than once, will each donation create a duplicate contact record in Kindful?

Not if the donor uses the same email address for each donation. If the donor gives through a Classy page multiple times using the same email address, each donation is added to the same Kindful contact record. 

If I update the name of my campaign in Classy, will the corresponding Kindful campaign update automatically?

Yes! If you update your campaign’s name in Classy, the next time a new transaction syncs from Classy to Kindful, the campaign name in Kindful will also be updated. 

Is there a way to have the recurring gifts go into Kindful as Recurring Transactions?

No. The card tokenization function that controls recurring donors and their donation schedules in Kindful only displays information on recurring transactions that are set up inside Kindful. 

You might consider is using a group or custom field to denote in Kindful those external recurring donors.  

Does Kindful know which transactions were attributed towards a Classy Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Team, or Team Member?

It does; in Kindful, you can use the Activities filters “By Team” and “By Team Member” to find transactions made to a Peer-To-Peer Team or Team Member.  

Do declined transactions in Classy sync into Kindful?

No; only successful transactions in Classy sync into Kindful. 

If I delete or refund a transaction in Classy, what happens in Kindful?

Each Classy transaction syncs into Kindful one time. This means that if you choose to delete or refund a transaction in Classy which has already synced to Kindful, you’ll need to update the associated transaction in Kindful accordingly as well. 

Does the tax-deductible amount that I set in Classy sync into Kindful?

It does! For the two campaign types in Classy where you have the option to set a tax-deductible amount (“Ticketed Event” and “Registration with Fundraising Ticket”) Kindful will set the applicable tax deductible amount on the corresponding transaction. 

How do “anonymous” transactions sync into Kindful?

If a donor marks their donation in Classy as “anonymous,” this will hide the donor’s name and donation information from all public activity feeds; however, the charity will still receive the donor’s information. When anonymous transactions sync to Kindful, they sync in with all the donor’s information as well.  

Is the Classy integration a one-way or a two-way sync?

This integration is in a one-way sync; Classy only sends data to Kindful. Kindful does not send any data back to Classy. 

How often does Classy sync with Kindful? 

Classy syncs with Kindful hourly.  

My Classy data does not appear to be flowing into Kindful anymore. What's wrong?

If a lot of time has lapsed between syncs, it's possible that your oauth token has expired (meaning that Kindful no longer has permissions to access your Classy account.) Please disconnect and reconnect your Classy integration. If this does not resolve the issue, then please write into support so we can help you out! 

Can I turn off receipting in Classy?

No, receipting in Classy is automatic and cannot be turned off. Transactions from the Classy integration are already receipted once they arrive in Kindful.

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