Classy Integration FAQs

Q: If a someone buys a ticket in Classy, and then wants to add another donation on top of the ticket price, do both the ticket and the extra donation sync into Kindful?

A: Yes! The purchase of the ticket with an added donation will sync into Kindful as two transactions; one for the price of the ticket, and one for the amount of the donation.


Q: Do offline donations from Classy sync into Kindful?

A: Yes; however, all offline donations from Classy sync into Kindful with the transaction type “Credit.”


Q: If someone donates to a Classy campaign more than once, will each donation create a duplicate contact record in Kindful?

A: Not if the donor uses the same email address for each donation. If the donor gives through a Classy page multiple times using the same email address, each donation is added to the same Kindful contact record.


Q: If I update the name of my campaign in Classy, will the corresponding Kindful campaign update automatically?

A: Yes! If you update your campaign’s name in Classy, the next time a new transaction syncs from Classy to Kindful, the campaign name in Kindful will also be updated.


Q: Does Kindful know which transactions were attributed towards a Classy Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Team, or Team Member?

A: It does; in Kindful, you can use the Activities filters “By Team” and “By Team Member” to find transactions made to a Peer-To-Peer Team or Team Member.


Q: Do declined transactions in Classy sync into Kindful?

A: No; only successful transactions in Classy sync into Kindful.


Q: If I delete or refund a transaction in Classy, what happens in Kindful?

A: Each Classy transaction syncs into Kindful one time. This means that if you choose to delete or refund a transaction in Classy which has already synced to Kindful, you’ll need to update the associated transaction in Kindful accordingly as well.


Q: Does the tax-deductible amount that I set in Classy sync into Kindful?

A: It does! For the two campaign types in Classy where you have the option to set a tax-deductible amount (“Ticketed Event” and “Registration with Fundraising Ticket”) Kindful will set the applicable tax deductible amount on the corresponding transaction.


Q: How do “anonymous” transactions sync into Kindful?

A: If a donor marks their donation in Classy as “anonymous,” this will hide the donor’s name and donation information from all public activity feeds; however, the charity will still receive the donor’s information. When anonymous transactions sync to Kindful, they sync in with all the donor’s information as well.


Q: Is the Classy integration a one-way or a two-way sync?

A: This integration is in a one-way sync; Classy only sends data to Kindful. Kindful does not send any data back to Classy.


Q: How often does Classy sync with Kindful? 

A: Classy syncs with Kindful hourly.

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