Connecting the Classy Integration to Kindful


 Now that Kindful integrates directly with Classy, you can utilize Classy's beautiful donation pages with Kindful's powerful analytics. In this article, we'll go over the process of connecting Classy to Kindful. We'll cover the following steps:

  1. How to find the Classy integration in your Kindful account
  2. Creating an App in Classy to connect to Kindful
  3. Activating your Classy Integration in Kindful 

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In order to use the Classy integration, please be aware of the following:

  • You must have Classy API access to be able to use the integration. Not sure if you have access? Find out here
  • Once you connect the integration, all your data in Classy will automatically be brought into Kindful. 

Pro Tip: Keep Classy and Kindful open in separate browser tabs throughout the entire process.You'll be working in both Classy and Kindful during the connection process.

Step 1: How to find the Classy integration in your Kindful account

In your Kindful admin profile, go to Apps > App Directory, find the Classy integration and click the "Learn More" button. Click "Connect" to get started.


You'll be asked to authorize Classy to send data to Kindful. Click "Authorize" to start the integration, and access your Classy App Settings.  


After you authorize Classy to send data to Kindful, you'll arrive at your Classy App Settings (pictured below).

Reminder: Keep this browser tab open while you complete Steps 2 & 3 below. 


Step 2: Create an API app in Classy to connect to Kindful 

You may be asking, "Why do I need to create an app in Classy to connect to Kindful?" In Step 1, you can see how the Classy App Settings in Kindful require you to enter a Client ID and a Client Secret. The way to access both of these is by creating an API app in Classy. 

To get started creating an API app in Classy, you'll need to have access to Classy's API. Not sure if you have access? Find out here

Head to your API + Apps section in your Classy admin account, and click on "Classy API."


You'll be directed to an area where you can create an app, and you'll be asked to 1) name your app, and 2) enter your Oauth Redirect URI.

You can name your app whatever you'd like! Anything that helps you remember that this is how Kindful communicates with Classy will work. 

Your Kindful URI is in your Classy App Settings (from step 1). It's also included below for your convenience.

Oauth2 Redirect URI =


Now that you've created your app, it will be listed in your Classy account like this:


Click "Edit" next to your App to retrieve your Client ID and Client Secret. Keep this page open while you finalize your Classy integration set-up in Kindful.


Step 3: Activate your Classy integration in Kindful

Go back to your Classy App Settings in Kindful, to copy + paste your Client ID and Client Secret from Step 2.


You'll also need to find your Classy Organization ID. To find this, head over to your Classy Admin profile, and look in the URL bar in your browser. 

The series of numbers after "/admin" in your Classy Admin profile is your Organization ID. Copy + paste this ID into your Classy App Settings in Kindful. 


Once you hit "Save," your Classy integration will be active, and your data will start syncing in. You'll know that Classy is connected to Kindful when a green "Connected" banner appears in your App Directory. 


Your Classy integration is now connected, and your data from Classy is flowing into Kindful. 

Of Note: By default, contacts who simply register for an event without donating are not required to provide their billing address. This means that only their name, email, and postal code will sync into Kindful.

You can manage this setting to require the full billing address in the Checkout portion of the Details page in Classy if you want that data to sync into Kindful. Change this setting to "Require" in the Billing Address section.


Understanding the Classy Status

Pause and Resume

Admin users have the ability to “pause” and “resume” the Classy integration sync. This is done from the Classy App Settings.

Initially, Kindful will show that the application is connected, who connected it, and the time of connection along with last sync timestamp.

When the sync is paused, a “Resume Sync” button is added in addition to the "Connection Paused" status. Kindful does retain the Classy credentials in this paused state. But, the integration will not sync any new Classy data in Kindful until your sync is resumed. When clicking on "Resume", the sync will update and bring in all missed data, as well as all future data; it will not skip any missing data.


You will also note a “Paused” badge added to the App card.


Connected and Disconnected

We have Connected timestamps and labels on your App Settings page for the Classy integration. This will let you know A) that the integration is actively connected and B) when the last sync occurred (date and time).


Additionally, you can see which user disconnected the integration along with the date and time this action took place.


The App Settings page will also now show the Disconnected status as well as an option to Reconnect.


Clicking Reconnect

By clicking Reconnect, Kindful will import anything that was added or updated since the last successful sync; this is similar to the Pause option above. This happens when the same Classy account is connected again. If you choose to connect a different Classy account, all data from the last successful sync date (from your previously connected Classy account) will be imported. If you connect a new account, we will not pull the full history from that new account like we did from your initial account connection.

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