Wealth Insights Overview


Kindful offers Wealth Insights (powered by DonorSearch), a powerful module to empower fundraisers to easily identify major gift opportunities and help them target the right contacts with the right ask, saving time and raising more funds.

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Why Wealth Data?

Busy fundraisers want to make the biggest impact with their limited time and resources. They want to use their Donor Management System to inform their fundraising efforts. In doing so, they may be facing a lack of data or too much data. In either case, fundraising becomes a challenge.

  • Which contacts have the ability to be a major donor?
  • Which contacts should you talk to first?
  • How do you make a connection to a potential major donor?
  • How much should you ask a contact to donate?
  • Who are your most generous contacts to prioritize first in campaigns like recurring giving, crowdfunding, and annual campaigns?

Kindful’s unique Wealth Insights solution answers these questions.


    • Trustworthy Data
      • Kindful’s Wealth Insights module is built upon DonorSearch, an industry leader in aggregating wealth-related data.
      • Quality scores are built into Kindful’s Wealth Insights module so that you can feel confident in the results returned from our intelligent wealth screen.
      • Kindful’s intelligent wealth screening only includes high quality data points so you can feel confident in the results.
    • New Insights
      • Kindful surfaces contacts who have exhibited multiple key dimensions important to fundraising.
      • Leverage new insights based upon Kindful’s rich data and proprietary intelligence to know who is most likely to donate to your organization.
    • Powerful, Yet Easy 
      • Kindful’s Wealth Insights module comes with intelligent insights, standard reports, and recommended actions designed to save you time.
    • Target Generous Contacts
      • Identify contacts with a proven track record of charitable giving to other nonprofits.
      • Identify contacts with several indicators strongly correlated with generosity.
      • Quickly identify contacts in your database who exhibit characteristics indicating they’re up to 15x more likely to give to nonprofits than the average individual.
    • Make Connections
      • Kindful’s Wealth Insights module can return up to 300 unique data points, all of which help fundraisers identify relationships and connections to make it easier to initiate a conversation & build a relationship.
    • Know What to Ask
      • With all the data you’ve collected in Kindful side-by-side with data returned from our wealth database, you’ll have reliable reference points for creating your ask.
    • Save Time
      • Wealth screening happens automatically, adding new insights directly in your Kindful account. No time is wasted pushing data back and forth between another system and your Donor Management System.
      • Spend less time in research and analysis, getting to conversations quicker by leveraging Kindful’s intelligent insights and recommended actions.
      • Reach goals sooner by asking for the right dollar amount from your major givers.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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