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We’ve added more fields to the non-cash gift “create” and “edit” dialogs. In an effort to support our beloved Canadian customers, we’ve added two new fields to capture Non-Cash Gift appraisal information. Canadian tax receipting requirements strongly encourage using an appraiser to determine the fair market value of a Non-Cash Gift if the gift is greater than $1,000.

All customers will benefit from these new fields as we’ve determined they could be useful for all organizations.

There are 3 new fields on the Non-Cash Gift entry & edit dialogs:

  • Description (this replaces Non-Cash Gift “Asset”)
  • Appraiser Name
  • Appraiser Address

The Non-Cash Gift “asset-type” field is replaced with a Description field. If you had set Asset Type to “Real Estate” on a Non-Cash Gift, you’ll now see the text “Real Estate” in the Non-Cash Gift’s Description. For reporting on the Activities page, when viewing the available fields in the “Create Report" Dialog, “Transaction Asset” is replaced with "Non-Cash Gift Description". Also, when exporting Non-Cash Gifts from the Activities page, no values will export from the "Admin Note", rather, the Description field will have any saved information.

Activities page, viewing the Create Report Dialog:


Non-Cash Gift Receipting

You can now issue receipts Non-Cash Gifts.  The “Default Transaction Receipt Email Template” on the Transaction Settings & "New/Edit Campaign" pages in the admin is now the “Transaction & Non-Cash Gift Receipt Template”. This receipt template is available in the “Email/Letter Templates” page and is labeled as "Transaction & Non-Cash Gift Receipt"

Email/Letter Templates  page, receipt now supports both transactions and non-cash gifts:


When you manually enter a Non-Cash Gift in Kindful, you’ll be able to email a receipt for those just like you can send a receipt for a manually-entered transaction. On the Create Non-Cash Gift dialog, if the selected contact has an email address, a checkbox with label displays “Send receipt to <contact_email>”.

Note: <contact_email> is first populated by the contact’s primary email. If there’s no primary email, Kindful will check for the alternate email and will use the alternate email if available. If selected, an email receipt is sent to the contact when Non-Cash Gift is created.

If no email is found, a message will display on the dialog, “Email Receipt: Add an email to this contact to send a receipt”.


You can also Email and Print receipts for existing Non-Cash Gifts from the Activities page. The Email Receipt options will display when the donor has a valid email address on file in your Kindful account.


Be sure to use the "Transaction Info For Receipt" tag in the templates you wish to use for your Non-Cash Gifts. This will pull in the receipt block of information for a non-cash gift, and will include the donor information, non-cash gift date, and non-cash gift description (be sure to be clear here if you intend to generate a receipt for the contribution). The amount will not be included on the non-cash gift receipt.


Of Note: If you use the "Transaction Amount" tag in the body of the letter, it will pull in the value of the Non-Cash Gift. We recommend consulting a tax professional to determine if you want to include this information in your receipts.

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