Updating payment method connected to a recurring donation (Donor Experience)

This article outlines the process of a donor updating their payment information from the donor login area of Kindful.


Donors can update the payment methods connected to and for their gifts at all times. 

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Step 1: Donor logs into their giving account

To access this, a donor will log in to their account

(at yourorgname.kindful.com/user/sign_in_or_sign_up or using the Log In button at kindful.com)

They will go to the Billing or Payment Info section, and from there, they can make any updates they need to make to their billing profile. These can include adding a new payment method (credit card or banking information (if using Bloomerang Payments or another merchant with ACH enabled), updating existing payment methods, and assigning the new payment method to the recurring donation.



Step 2: Edit assigned profile

After a donor updates the billing method by adding in a new payment method, it is imperative that the donor Edit the assigned profile. 

To do this, the donor must locate their list of Recurring Transactions on the Billing Information page (where payment info is added/updated). Click on Edit on this page to change the recurring donation's assigned payment method to the NEW payment method. This does not happen automatically. 



Step 3: Donor updates recurring donation (if applicable)


Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can chat with a representative from the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account. 

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