Kindful Default Emails

There are several kinds of automated emails that are sent from Kindful when a donor performs certain actions, such as an online donation. You can customize these emails by creating templates, but there will be default emails that are sent for some, should you not have a template in place. 


Several default emails are listed below, complete with screenshots so you can see what is being sent. Keep in mind, these are from the demonstration Sea Turtles account Kindful uses, so there will be slight variations specific to your account and donor data.

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Successful Transaction

When a donor makes a donation on a Kindful page, they will receive an automated email receipt from Kindful.


Failed Transaction

Any time a donation made via a Kindful donation option is declined, the donor will receive an automated email from Kindful alerting them. For every donation attempt made (either successful or failed), a receipt will be sent to the donor.


Of Note: You are not able to include the table or any of the details (like Reason for Decline) if you choose to create and use a custom email template for failed transactions.

Email Confirmation

Following a donation or Kindful account creation, one will receive a confirmation email from Kindful.


Credit Card Expiring Soon

When a donor's saved credit card is expiring soon, they will receive an email 60 days prior to the expiration date on their card.


Crowdfunding Team Creation Invitation

When someone is invited to create a team for a Crowdfunding page, they will receive an email. Note: the image is determined by your banner image in the Crowdfunding campaign, and the invitation message can be customized in the crowdfunding settings.


Invitation to Support a Crowdfunding Page

Crowdfunding team leaders can invite others to support their team, and they will receive an email like this:


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