Organizing Campaigns in a Hierarchy

Kindful allows you to organize your campaigns into a hierarchy. There are a few benefits in doing so:


1. Organize your campaigns in a hierarchy so that when a donor donates on a public donation page, they can view campaigns as a hierarchy.

For example, you may have a campaign called "Where most needed". If you have child Campaigns called "Where most needed - Location A", "Where most needed - Location B", it will be easy for donors to find the Campaign to which they want to give. They can give to the "parent" campaign, or to any of the (visible) "children" campaigns.

2. Similarly, when you organize your campaigns in a hierarchy, it's easy for your admin users to find the correct campaign when adding transactions in Kindful.


How to organize campaigns

In order to organize your Campaigns in a hierarchy, in the Campaigns screen, use your mouse to drag and drop campaigns. Drop a campaign to under and slightly to the right of its parent campaign in order to make it a "child campaign".


Or, you can edit a Campaign, and then modify the "Parent" field.




Note that if a parent campaign has one or more child campaigns which are publicly visible, then the parent campaign is automatically made publicly visible.

It is not possible to have a "hidden" parent campaign with one or more "visible" children campaigns.

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