Search for Contacts By Phone Number


Search for contacts By Phone by using the initial string of numerals in succession in a contact's phone number. 

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Using Filters in Kindful

Using the "By Phone" Contact Filter

There is a filter on the Contacts page "By Phone" which supports searching for contacts by phone number and returns matching contacts if matches are found. This filter can be used in combination with other Contact filters.

It searches the following Contact fields:

  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Alt. Phone Number
  • Alt. Phone Number 2
  • Fax
  • Work Phone
  • Spouse Phone Number
  • Emergency Phone

Partial strings are supported; however, the partial string must be the leading digits for the phone number. For example, to find all contacts with the area code of 615, you’d enter "By Phone: 615" to find these contacts. If you know a contacts number has a few more digits in it (in succession), you can include those as well. 

For example, if you remember a contact's phone number starts with 615-414, but cannot remember the rest, you can filter like this:


The By Phone filter works with numbers only.

Non-numeric values, spaces, alpha, and special characters are not supported. To find contacts without a specific number, you can invert the By Phone filter by clicking the “!” Invert Filter icon on the filter itself. 

Pro Tip

You can search for a contact by phone number by simply typing the number in the URL. There is a URL search syntax that supports searching for contacts by phone number

The format for the URL phone search is:

  • If there is exactly one match, Kindful will navigate you right to the Contact profile.
  • If two or more matches are found, Kindful routes you to the Contacts page, applies the filter By Phone, enters the search string in the filter and displays matching contacts.
  • If exactly zero more matches are found, then the Contacts page lists "0 Results", and displays the message "No contacts match the current search" 
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