Getting Started Part 4: Start Growing!


Now it’s time to strategize better ways to manage your donors. In this article, we’ll review filtering, reporting and segmenting your donor data. We’ll also cover a few additional features in your account. 

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Our filtering system is extremely powerful and intended to help you quickly find and report on donor data. You can filter from the Contacts page or the Activities page, depending on the data you want to find. For example, to get a list of all donors who gave last month you would want to filter on the Contacts page. To get a list of all donations from last month, you’d want to filter on the Activities page. Here’s a list of commonly used filters.

On both the Contacts and Activities pages, you’ll see a Basic Search section up top and a ‘Current View’ box below that section located just above the list of Results. This ‘Current View’ area is an Advanced Search section where you can find all of the filters available in Kindful. We encourage all new customers to simply click inside this ‘Current View’ area and read down through all of the filters available. The ‘Current View’ area will also show all filters that you’ve applied. Read more about filtering here.

You can take various actions on each page once you’ve applied the appropriate filter, such as creating a report or saving a filter. Saved filters are a great tool if you’ve added several complex filters that you’d rather not have to add again in the future.

We also have complete glossaries of all filters for both Contacts and Activities. 

Activities Filters Glossary

Contact Filters Glossary


Creating A Report - This is the quickest way to export a csv or pdf file of the data that you’ve filtered. First, apply your filters and then click ‘Create Report’ on the right side panel. From there, you can select all of the fields/columns you want included in your exported file. You can create custom column sets to avoid manually selecting the fields you want on every report you create.

Custom Reports - Next, you’ll be taken to a page that displays a preview of this report based on the fields you’ve selected. From here, you can click to generate and download your file or you can create a custom report template. Creating a custom report is our most suggested option for streamlining your organization’s processes and saving you hours.

Scheduled Reports - Once your report template is created, it will automatically appear in the ‘Reports’ section. You can then refer back to that report at any time rather than having to input all of those filters and column sets again. You can also setup a scheduled report and Kindful will automatically email that report template daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly to anyone you choose.

Segmenting Contacts (Groups) - One of our other favorite features in Kindful is Groups. Groups are a quick, efficient way to segment your contacts based on different criteria you filter for on the Contacts page. Once a group is created, you can view analytics on that segment of contacts by going to the Groups page and clicking on that group. See how to create a group.

Groups will also sync with your email marketing integration, if you connect either Mailchimp, Emma or Constant Contact in the Apps section. You can create as many groups as you want in Kindful and you can also filter by group on the Contacts page.

Other Helpful Tools:

Registration Forms - If your organization would like to collect contact information, registrations for events, or other information from contacts, you can create a registration form by going to Contacts & Activities > Forms. Registrants will be created as a new contact and can automatically be added into a Group when they complete the form.

Notes - Notes are a great way to track interactions with your contacts. They’re filterable on the Activities page and viewable on a contact’s profile. You can add a new note via the ‘Add New’ button.

Pledges - A pledge can be created based off a commitment a donor has made to give to your organization. For example, if a donor says they’ll be giving your organization $5,000 within the year, you would enter a new pledge of $5,000 for that donor since you have not received those funds yet. Once they make their contribution and it’s entered into Kindful, that new transaction can be allocated towards their outstanding pledge. Pledges can be added via the ‘Add New’ button.

Tasks - If your team would like to assign to-dos to each other within Kindful, we’d suggest assigning a task via the ‘Add New’ button. Once a task is assigned to another admin user, when they log into Kindful they’ll see their list of outstanding tasks in the top right corner of their account. They’ll also receive a daily email notification until the task is marked as complete.

Additional Services:

Address Verification (NCOA) - Kindful is able to scan all of the contacts with mailing addresses in your account and cross-reference those addresses with the National Change of Address’ database. Save your organization hours manually updating old addresses and cut postage costs by minimizing returned mail through this service.

Text to Donate - This add-on one-time fee includes the purchase of your own Kindful phone number that your donors can text to simplify their giving experience.

Ongoing Support and Implementation Packages - If your team would like premium access to our Success Team through priority phone support, email support and training sessions, we’d love for you to consider one of these options. Our team will help ensure you’re fully utilizing all of our features. 

Part 4 To-Dos:

  • Review all filters on the Contacts & Activities pages
  • Create a Custom Report Template on the Activities page
  • Create a Contact Group from the Contacts page
  • Email if you’d like to setup an Additional Service
  • Bookmark our Help Center

Final Steps

Thank you for completing our Getting Started Series! We’ve found that the organizations who get the most out of all Kindful has to offer are those who invest in learning the product. We look forward to hearing how Kindful helps your organization raise more funds, streamline your processes and better manage your donors.Please be sure to complete the final to-dos for this week. 


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