Getting Started Part 3: Start Fundraising!


Thanks for checking out Part 3! This week we’ll review setting up your different fundraising tools in Kindful and thanking your donors as gifts start to roll in.

Before we get started, please be sure to complete your Quick Setup page reviewed in Part 1. You’ll also need to be familiar with the difference between Campaigns and Funds. Remember that all transactions you receive will be assigned to a Campaign.

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Fundraising Tools:

You have several fundraising options in your Kindful account. Read this article for a more detailed breakdown of these different options:

Main Donation Page - This page allows donors to choose the Campaign they want to support. Go to Fundraising > Main Donation Page.

Campaign Donation Pages - These pages only allow donors to give to a specific campaign. Go to Fundraising > Campaigns. From there, click a specific campaign’s edit icon. On the right side, you’ll see a ‘Direct Link’ to that campaign’s donation page.

Donation Plugin - Our plugin is a pop-up form that allows donors to give directly on your website. All plugins are tied to a specific campaign and currently work with Squarespace, Weebly, and Wordpress websites. Paypal is not a supported gateway for the plugin. Your website must be secure through an SSL in order for the plugin to be used.

Causes - These are our crowdfunding pages. They’re popular for peer-to-peer fundraising events where participants want to set up their own fundraising pages.

Text-to-Give - This is an add-on feature that allows donors to give directly on their smartphones by texting a keyword to your Kindful phone number.

We also integrate with several other fundraising solutions, including GivingFuel, JoinIt, Eventbrite, myRollCall, CharityAuctionsToday, ClickBid and CrowdRise. These integrations can sync contacts and their donations into your Kindful account.


Thanking Your Donors:

Transaction Receipts - Once you’re ready to go live with your donation pages and other fundraising tools, we highly recommend setting up custom automatic email receipts. You can personalize these emails to thank each donor instantly after they’ve given online or when you manually enter their donation into the system (if they have an email address). If you do not create custom receipts, all donors with an email address on file will still receive a simple default receipt email generated by Kindful.

Acknowledgements -  Our Acknowledgements Tool allows Kindful to generate physical letters, call lists and emails based on new activities in your account. This would be a great way to generate letters for donors who do not have email addresses and ensure everyone is being thanked.

Tax Summaries - When January arrives and it’s time to send out tax summaries, we have a Tax Summary Tool to quickly generate all email/letter summaries for your donors.

Mail Merge - Finally, if you ever need to generate physical newsletters, solicitations or other letters, you can perform a mail merge to easily create letters for all of your desired contacts.

Part 3 To-Dos:

  • Create your Campaigns in Fundraising > Campaigns
  • Setup your online fundraising tools (donation pages and/or plugins)
  • Link Kindful’s fundraising tools to your website’s ‘Donate’ buttons and any other places donors can give online (social media, email marketing, etc)
  • Set up a Transaction Receipt Email
  • Set up an Acknowledgement

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