Getting Started in Kindful: Part 1


Welcome to Kindful! Our team is incredibly excited to help your organization increase your impact and more easily manage your donor base. From importing your donor database to connecting Stripe, Bloomerang Payments, or Paypal, this Getting Started series will guide you through setting up your Kindful account over the next four sections below. There are to-dos at the bottom of each article that we recommend completing each week or you can go at your own pace.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


During the onboarding (setup) process, you’ll be working with a Success Rep from our Onboarding Team. In addition to working with our team, we encourage you to follow the action items provided throughout this Getting Started series to quickly and efficiently set up your Kindful account.

If you have not been contacted by your Success Rep, please email For more information on what to expect during the onboarding process, please read this article.

Your Success Rep will be your dedicated point of contact to guide you through these steps, however it’s ultimately up to every organization to have staff dedicated to setting up their account and properly learning how to use Kindful. We can provide you with suggestions and best practices, but it’s the organization’s responsibility to complete this series of steps. 

Let’s Start Here

1. Accessing Kindful Support - Our Help Center (Knowledge Base) houses all of our support articles and videos. You’re actually in our Help Center right now reading this article -- way to go!! Please bookmark this page: It will be a great resource for learning the system and taking full advantage of all our features.

You can reach our Support Team at or 888-854-3230. You will have access to your Success Rep for 30 days (or 60 days for custom onboarding packages) after you sign up for Kindful, but after that period you’ll be able to reach our Support Team with any future questions you may have.

2. Schedule your Kick-Off Call - Your Success Rep should have emailed you a link to schedule this call. This should be completed as soon as possible to get the most out of your setup period.

The purpose of this call is to discuss migrating your data and connecting integrations, so be sure to have the people who are most familiar with your data on this call. If you’re planning or considering using our QuickBooks integration, please have your accountant on this call as well.

3. Complete your Quick Setup page - Completing this page is crucial to preparing your account to start fundraising. Click on your user in the upper righthand corner > then select ‘Account’ from the drop-down > then click ‘Quick Setup’.

Need more info on completing these sections? Please refer to the links below:

 4. Understand Kindful’s Data Structure - All systems have their own terminology and ways of organizing data. Here are four key Kindful terms you’ll need to know:

          Contacts - These are all people and organizations you interact with. They may be donors, prospective donors, volunteers, advocates, etc. We have two types of contacts in Kindful: people (individuals) and organizations (foundations, businesses, etc.). You can also add relationships between contacts.

          Activities - These are all transactions and interactions that can be tracked in Kindful. Activity types include transactions (donations), non-cash gifts (in kind donations), pledges, soft credits, notes and any interactions from your connected integrations.

          Campaigns - This is the main building block of Kindful. A Campaign is a donor-facing initiative, program, project, event, etc. You have an unlimited number of campaigns in Kindful. Each can be made visible to the public or kept private. Every public campaign has its own unique donation page and will also appear in the drop-down menu on your main donation page.

          Funds - This is the secondary building block in Kindful. Funds have a one-to-many relationship with your Campaigns, meaning many campaigns can funnel into a single Fund. The Fund is the broader category that your campaigns will fall into. For example, you may have five fundraising events that each have their own campaign. These five campaigns could all be tied to an ‘Events’ Fund. Funds are admin-facing only and are a broader piece to categorize transactions.

 5. Watch our Getting Started Webinar - You do not need to complete the Getting Started Webinar prior to your Kick-Off call, but make sure to watch it here.

Part 1 To-Dos

  • Bookmark our Help Center
  • Schedule your Kick-off Call
  • Complete your Quick Setup page
  • Understand Kindful’s Four Key Terms
  • Sign up for the Getting Started Webinar

Click here to begin Part 2 - Start Migrating!



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