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Bloomerang Payments is a payment gateway and the simplest way to start fundraising online with Kindful. Read more to learn about the function and its benefits.

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What is Bloomerang Payments?

It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into Kindful. Bloomerang Payments comes fully integrated with your Kindful account and includes a wide variety of functions that let you manage your entire organization and financials in one place.

In addition to seamless integration with Kindful, Bloomerang Payments offers a number of unique features and benefits, including:

  • Accept Payments Online. Accept one time and recurring credit card and debit card payments.
  • Accept ACH Donations. That's right, Bloomerang Payments supports donations made with Bank Account & Routing numbers! Accept bank account payments without the hassle of micro-deposits. There is no need to verify an account before the donation is processed with Bloomerang Payments.
  • Automatic Card Updater. We know how valuable recurring donations are for your organization, so we include this feature at no additional cost. Powered by the providers' networks themselves (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), when you add a new donor with Bloomerang Payments, the donor's "saved payment method details can continue to work even if the physical card has been replaced by the issuing bank. Stripe works with card networks and automatically attempts to update saved card details whenever a customer receives a new card (e.g. replacing an expired card or one that was reported lost or stolen)." Read more here.
  • Rolling 2-day deposits. There’s no need to wait weeks or even months for deposits to hit your bank account. After an initial waiting period, deposits are made to your bank account daily, on a two day delay. 

Bloomerang Payments transfers funds to your bank account depending on your pay period. New Bloomerang Payments customers receive a seven-day probationary payout period, assuming Bloomerang Payments remains connected for that same period.

After the first successful payout, the nonprofit is authorized for 2-business-day rolling payouts if there is no fraudulent activity.

Payout plans and charge availability go hand-in-hand. After a charge is created, the movement of those funds is not instantaneous, Stripe implements a short delay in each region to aligns with the receipt of funds. This delay helps ensure that Stripe is always creating payouts using funds collected from the actual charge.All payments and payouts are processed according to UTC time. As a result, the processed date may not be the same as your local time zone.
For a 2 business day standard payout timing, payouts of your available account balance are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior (this is how long it takes for your pending account balance to become available on this schedule). If payouts are set to automatic, payouts are created once per day between 0:00 and up to ~13:00 UTC. There is not a predetermined or guaranteed time due to how the way the system runs through and creates payouts. Most will be created early morning UTC.
Now although there are no limits to creation, there are limits to when a payout can be submitted. Payout submission relates to the time the funds leave Stripe and are pushed to the user's bank account. Not meeting these cutoffs mean that payouts cannot be processed on the date created, and will instead move the next. Missing a cutoff could add an additional business day to the amount's arrival, or if near a weekend could end up in the addition of ~2 calendar days (assuming no Monday holidays).

Note: You will not receive funds if your payout balance is below $1.

  • Simple, straightforward pricing. Bloomerang Payments comes at no additional cost with existing Kindful plans. Bloomerang Payments customers will pay 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction for credit and debit card transactions. Bloomerang Payments customers will pay 1% + $0.30 per successful transaction for ACH transactions. Processing fees apply to the total transaction volume which includes the optional donor covered fee.
  • Unlike other payment solutions, Bloomerang Payments charges no additional fees for accepting American Express or international credit cards, and no fees for included PCI Compliance protections.
  • Instant setup and approval. New nonprofits gain immediate access to Bloomerang Payments so fundraising can begin immediately. Since fundraising professionals don’t have to sign up for a separate gateway or merchant account to use Bloomerang Payments, you can sign up for Kindful and be fundraising online in minutes.
  • Real-time payment tracking. Payment information will be available within Kindful in real time.
  • Fully integrated. Payments will sync with their corresponding bank deposits, easily viewable in Kindful. This view makes it easier than ever for nonprofits to understand how much they’ve been paid for individual transactions.
  • Chargeback recovery. Bloomerang Payments gives nonprofits the best chance of winning chargeback disputes and recovering lost donations. For any chargebacks received, Kindful automatically notifies them of the disputed charge’s donor and transaction details. 

Built on modern, trusted technology

Bloomerang Payments leverages Stripe technology, trusted by thousands of businesses to accept payments online, and can be enabled with just two clicks in existing Kindful accounts. The revolutionary new payment system will be initially available only to Kindful accounts in the US.


Set up Process

The set up process on Kindful is designed to walk you through the steps right on your account. Simply go to  your Settings > Fundraising settings > Payments gateways. 


There you will see Bloomerang Payments. Hit "Sign up & Connect" and follow the on-screen guide to connect. 


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