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Recent Transactions

Recently, a fundraiser told us that seeing new transactions come into Kindful is like receiving a present – it means your donors are engaged and believe in your organization. So we made the recent transactions "front and center". Here you'll see:

  • new transactions
  • when someone sets up a new recurring transaction
  • new non-cash gifts

Donor Lifecycle Analytics

Kindful is putting powerful metrics front and center, giving you not only a pulse on your donor engagement, but actionable insights that can make a huge difference in your organization. 

There are many aspects to a healthy donor database and a growing, sustainable nonprofit. You may have heard a lot of emphasis on retaining donors, which is a key component to a healthy donor base. Kindful expands that view to see your entire Donor Lifecycle, showing you how well you're acquiring new donors, as well as increasing their giving over time.


To keep your nonprofit’s impact growing, your database has to grow as well. Now when you log in, you’ll be able to see how how well your marketing and fundraising campaigns are performing by tracking your new contacts and donors. You can also make sure you’re on track with new donor goals you’ve set over the last year.



Retaining current donors may be much more cost effective than acquiring new donors. The Retention Rate updates daily to let you know how well your organization is retaining donors overall.



Many donors have the potential to become even more involved with your nonprofit. Upgrades shows how well you’re encouraging donors to give more than they did the previous year.



Fiscal Year Breakdown by Campaign and Fund

Kindful used to show a breakdown of your Fiscal Year by Fund. Now you can now see this breakdown displayed by Campaign as well. We've also improved the visual so it's much easier to gather meaning quickly. If you head to the Reporting Reports page, you can use the toggle along the top of the page to see the Fund/Campaign Totals by Year to get this Funds view if you need.

Total Upcoming Recurring Transactions

Recurring transactions are vital – this is money you can count on coming in regularly. Now Kindful shows you a total remaining amount for the month, as well as what you can look forward to next month.

Donor Pyramid

There are many dimensions to understanding your donor base. The Donor Pyramid is a familiar way to visualize how your donors could be segmented into a few giving levels. How does your Kindful Donor Pyramid align with your current understanding of your organization's mix of small, medium, and large donors?



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