Automatically create Cause Teams from your Groups

Kindful Causes are a powerful way to leverage the personal reach of your supporters.  Adding new Team Leaders (or Captains) to any of your open Causes is simple.  You can do one of the following:

  • Direct them to your public URL and have them sign up on their own terms
  • Invite team leaders directly from your Admin portal (example below)
  • Invite (and auto-create) team leaders using the contacts that are already in Groups in Kindful (example below.


Here are the steps!  


1. Head to your Causes page from the menu bar


2. Select the individual Cause you wish to edit.  To invite your contacts to be captains, select the + Invite new team tab.

3. Fill out the fields in the dialog that appears to invite your team leader.



4. Alternately, you can select the Invite Group tab on the previous page (see item 2 in this list).  Choose which Group of contacts to invite to be leaders and you can then control whether they receive the email inviting them, or you can alternately Create their Team for them.  Doing this option takes them out of the flow, and doesn't prevent someone from not taking action.  You can then just supply them with their public page URL to share with their network!


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