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This article covers Kindful's Text-to-Give feature to help support the text to donate service. See how to set it up, how to track donations received by it, and how it works on the donor side.


Text-to-Give options have shown to be incredible tools for modern fundraisers. Using this tool makes it easier to quickly inform your donors in direct response to any need that arises.  

How It Works

To use this feature with Kindful online donation tools, you must have one of the following Payment Gateways connected:

  • Bloomerang Payments
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.net

Head to Settings Fundraising Settings Payment Gateways (or click HERE) to connect.

In Kindful, you will be able to decide your keyword as well as create your response message. Be sure to set a CTA (call-to-action) in your automatic response that is sent when a contact texts your keyword. Examples of CTA's include:

  • Link to a Donation Page
  • Link to a Crowdfunding Team Campaign
  • Link to a Registration Form
  • Link to an Event Signup

You can also have more than one keyword and response message. 

When prompting people to donate, you will give them your Text-to-Give phone number. This is a standard, 10-digit phone number, much like your mobile phone number. International SMS rates can apply with this feature.

This feature uses the US standard 10-digit phone numbers (e.g. 555-555-5555), which is also supported in some areas outside of the United States (e.g. Canada). Donors would need to know that they are texting a number in this format, and they could be charged for international texting. 

It is advised to use a standard number, and not attempt any vanity numbers (like 615 - KINDFUL) since mobile devices and platforms show a full QWERTY keyboard (not a numeric keypad) when sending text messages. It can actually make it more work for the donor to figure out the actual digits. 

You would ask them to send (text) a message to your number using a specific keyword. In response, they would receive the message you created (a general update, a link to a donate page, information about a new fundraising event, etc.). Donors would then follow the prompt to interact with your organization.

Note: Texting to donate directly to a carrier isn't offered at this time, due to high carrier fees and long turnaround times to getting your funds.

To enable this feature, please contact Kindful Support.

Once enabled, you can follow this guide to set up your account's Text-to-Give.

Setting Up

Go to Fundraising, then Text-to-Give.

If your Text-to-Give has been correctly enabled for your account, you'll see a phone number listed, when it was created, and an option to Edit.

text_to_give_page.pngOnce you've started editing your Text to Give setup, you'll be faced with some keyword options.


The word your donors will need to text to the provided number.

Keywords are not case sensitive from a donor perspective, so donors can enter keywords in any case (e.g. GIVE, Give, gIvE)

Response Message The message your donors will receive after they've texted the provided number.


Here's how a typical Text-to-Give scenario would look on an iPhone.

First, donors will text the keyword you set up – "GIVE" (for example) – to the number Kindful has provided for your account.


Donors will receive the custom message you created to be sent in response. In this example, we placed a link for them to open.


Their interaction with the link will take them to a destination of your choice. We recommend a donation page. They will be able to select the amount and fill in their payment details from this screen on their mobile device.


After donating, donors will receive the same automatic email receipt you have designated for normal donations to that campaign. 

How to Track

You may want to track which donations came in via Text to Give. There is not a label or other identifying component on these donations, as they are simply normal donations made on a mobile device.

Our recommended path is to go through the process of creating a Donation Plugin. You will create this Plugin, but you will not need to worry about embedding anything onto your website. The final step of the creation process gives you a public facing URL. You can use this URL in your automatic response message when configuring Text to Give. You can title the plugin whatever you like (we advise something like Text To Give Link). Once donations come into Kindful via this URL, you can filter "By Plugin: 'plugin_name'" to find all donations linked. This will be your most efficient way to track and filter for these.

Alternately, we advise creating a unique Campaign for this purpose. 

You could make a campaign that has a Title of "General Donations - TTG" to easily identify. You could also do something a bit more discreet like titling the Campaign "General Donation" as opposed to "General"/"General Donations". 

After you have tracked these donations that come in via Text to Give, you can always perform a Bulk Edit and move these donations to a singular, previously existing campaign if you choose.


Package Description Cost
Up to 5,000 texts per year - Paid Annually 540.00 USD / Year
Up to 5,000 texts per year - Paid Quarterly 135.00 USD / Quarter
Up to 5,000 texts per year - Paid Monthly 45.00 USD / Month
Up to 2,500 texts per year - Paid Annually 300.00 USD / Year
Up to 2,500 texts per year - Paid Quarterly 75.00 USD / Quarter
Up to 2,500 texts per year - Paid Monthly 25.00 USD / Month
Up to 1,000 texts per year - Paid Annually 180.00 USD / Year
Up to 1,000 texts per year - Paid Quarterly 45.00 USD / Quarter
Up to 1,000 texts per year - Paid Monthly 15.00 USD / Month


Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can chat with a representative from the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account. 

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