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Kindful offers Text To Give (Text2Give) for our partners to secure interaction and donations from their constituents on the go!  Use the tool to capture an audience in direct response to a need that arises.  


You pay a one-time flat set-up fee of $150, which gives you your first allotment of 1,000 text messages (don't worry, you can always add more!).  We will get you a phone number, and then you can control the keywords people text to you and then also the messaging they receive back. You would supply your donors with a phone number to text along with a keyword. They would then text that keyword to the phone number provided. They would receive whatever message you want to send them, be it just a general update or a link to a donate page, whatever you want. We don't offer the text directly to a carrier to donate as it takes much longer for you to get your funds (sometimes a month or so because of the billing) and there are high fees on it.

 To enable this feature, please contact our support team at support@kindful.com

Once enabled, you will see these controls.


From Tools:

Your donors will text the number given to your organization in the setup by submitting a keyword you set up. 



Then the donor will receive back the custom message you had set to go out in response.



Their interaction with the link will take them to a destination of your choice.  We recommend a donation page.  They will be able to select the amount and fill in their payment details from this screen on their mobile device.



Post donation, the donor will receive the same automatic email that they would if you had collected the donation on your giving page from a desktop!

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