Automatic Email Receipts (Registration Forms)

You can automatically email a registrant a confirmation receipt upon successful completion of a registration form that you have set up for your organization in Kindful.  

Follow these easy steps to set this up.

1. Go to Settings
2. Click Snailer Templates
3. Create a New Template
4. Choose Snailer Type = Registration Receipt (it is an auto email receipt) 
5. Type up your template. No tags will apply here, so you can freely type in things like "Thanks for registering for our Community Partner Program", etc.  We recommend creating a unique template per Registration Form for this purpose
6. Once this is done, head back to the Registration Forms (Tools > Registration Form) page
7. On the corresponding form, click "Configure" in the box
8. In the dialog box that appears, you can choose a Snailer Template that is sent automatically upon successful completion of the registration form. Select this option you created, and click Save

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