How to Add another Kindful Group to MailChimp

If you want to target a subset of your Kindful Contacts with an email or email marketing campaign, here's what to do:


  1. In KINDFUL: Create a new Group and add Contacts to it. (Click here to learn how to create a group in Kindful)
  1. In MAILCHIMP: Your new groups should automatically appear into MailChimp. To access them, click "Lists" from the nav bar at the top. Click on the name of the list you created earlier in Kindful.
  1. In MAILCHIMP: What Kindful calls Groups, MailChimp calls "Segments". To view them, click "Manage Subscribers" and choose "Segments"
  1. In MAILCHIMP: You should see the groups you created in Kindful listed.


NOTE:  If you have any pre-existing groups in Kindful, they won't yet sync to MailChimp. Click here to learn how to sync pre-existing groups to MailChimp.

Also note: Kindful Groups will go into MailChimp’s Default List (which you would have specified when you first connected MailChimp to Kindful.)

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