Add a Kindful Group to Mailchimp


Groups are perfect for targeting a specific audience for a specific email or email campaign. Following is how to create a Group in Kindful, then sync it to Mailchimp.

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Syncing a Group to Mailchimp

In Kindful, create a new Group and add Contacts to it. 

Your new Kindful Groups will automatically appear in Mailchimp as Tags on the corresponding Contact records.

What Kindful calls Groups, Mailchimp calls Tags.

Other considerations

  • If you have any pre-existing Groups in Kindful, they won't show in Mailchimp right away. These will need a step taken to get the Group synced to Mailchimp as a tag, along with the associated contacts. To read more about this, please see our Mailchimp FAQs to learn how to sync preexisting Kindful groups to Mailchimp.
  • Kindful Groups will go into Mailchimp’s Default Audience List (which you would have specified when you first connected Mailchimp to Kindful). 


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