MailChimp Troubleshooting

Reasons why a contact may not sync:

  • The contact doesn't have all the required fields filled out (First name, Last name, email address).
  • The contact has opted out of mailings. (Check the details on Contact record in Kindful and/or in MailChimp)
  • The contact is in a MailChimp list that is not mapped to Kindful. Go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > "Edit Configuration" to resolve.
  • The integration was not setup properly. Go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > to resolve.
  • The integration was not mapped properly. Go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > "Edit Configuration" to resolve.


Reasons why a Kindful group may not sync:

  • The group existed before the integration was setup. You will need to add a contact to the group to kick off the sync.


Why a custom field may not sync:

  • The custom field was added after the initial mapping. You will need to remap the integration to include the newly added custom field to the syncing. Go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > "Edit Configuration" to resolve.


Where to go to figure out the status of your integration and syncs:

  • If you go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp > "Edit Configuration", you will find your MailChimp Lists with the Contact Count, Newest Member, and the Added date and time of that member.


How to find out what will sync / what is synced with MailChimp:

  • When you view your groups by clicking on the "Groups" nav button on the left menu, you will see a green "Refresh from MailChimp" button next to the groups that are currently connected with MailChimp. To add additional groups to the sync, simply add or remove a contact from the group you want to sync.


Why doesn’t the number of contacts in my Kindful Group match the MailChimp Segment?

  • Not all of your contacts have email addresses.
  • Not all of your contacts have First or Last names.
  • You might have 2 or more contacts with the same email address. MailChimp will only import one of the contacts.


* To see how many of your contacts in a given group are solicitable, navigate to the Groups page and hover your cursor over the number in the People column. It will say “[x] Email Solicitable”.


Where is my Kindful Group in Mailchimp?

  • If you go to “Lists” from the top navigation menu, choose one of your lists, click on the drop-down menu labeled “Manage Subscribers”, then select “Segments”, you will see all of your synced Kindful groups listed there.

Where is my Mailchimp Segment in Kindful?

  • It will appear on the Groups page in Kindful. In order to get the segment to sync to Kindful, it must be set as a “static” segment by unchecking the “Auto-update” box in the Save Segment dialogue box that appears when creating a new segment.
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