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This article highlights some common troubleshooting options to use with our MailChimp integration. This article touches primarily on reasons why contacts may not be in sync between the two applications, and your Kindful Group totals do not match the Tag totals in MailChimp.

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Troubleshooting overview

For any troubleshooting issues, check the following items:

  1. Make sure Kindful is still authorized in MailChimp.
  2. Make sure MailChimp is still connected in Kindful.
  3. The integration will only work when it is connected by an Owner or Admin of MailChimp, and the connected user stays at that access level.
  4. Make sure the Audience(s) that are synced with Kindful haven't been deleted. If an Audience is deleted in MailChimp, there's no way for Kindful to know about it, so in Kindful it will look like the sync just stopped working.

Kindful is only able to sync contacts to MailChimp who:

  • have a valid email address
  • (person with) email address has not unsubscribed
  • email address is not subject to a compliance issue with MailChimp
  • email address has not been bounced

If any contact is in Kindful with the following:

- email integration opt-in marked "no" in Kindful
- email deliverable marked "no" in Kindful
- unsubscribed to the Audience in MailChimp
- email address has bounced from Mailchimp
- is subjected to a compliance review by MailChimp

... then Kindful cannot sync the contact to the MailChimp Audience.

Why a contact may not sync

  • The contact doesn't have all the required fields filled out (First name, Last name, email address).
  • The contact has opted out of mailings (check the details on contact record in Kindful and/or in MailChimp)
  • The contact is in a MailChimp Audience that is not mapped to Kindful. Go to Apps > MailChimp > Edit Configuration to resolve.
  • The integration wasn't set up properly. Go to Apps > MailChimp to resolve.
  • The integration wasn't mapped properly. Go to Apps > MailChimp > Edit Configuration to resolve.
  • MailChimp is requiring fields that are blocking the contact from syncing.  In your MailChimp settings, make sure to remove all required fields other than the email address, to resolve.

Why a Kindful group may not sync

The group existed before the integration was setup. You will need to add a contact to the group to kick off the sync.

Why a custom field may not sync

The custom field was added after the initial mapping. You will need to remap the integration to include the newly added custom field to the syncing.

Go to Apps > MailChimp > Edit Configuration to resolve. 

See the status of your integration and syncs

If you go to Apps > MailChimp > Edit Configuration, you will find your MailChimpAudiences with the Contact Count, Newest Member, and the Added date and time of that member. 

Find out what will sync / what is synced with MailChimp

When you view your groups by clicking on the "Groups" nav button on the left menu, you will see a green "Refresh from MailChimp" button next to the groups that are currently connected with MailChimp. To add additional groups to the sync, simply add or remove a contact from the group you want to sync. 

Number of contacts in Kindful Group doesn't match that in MailChimp

  • Not all of your contacts have email addresses.
  • Not all of your contacts have First or Last names.
  • You might have 2 or more contacts with the same email address. MailChimp will only import one of the contacts.

To see how many of your contacts in a given group are solicitable, navigate to the Groups page and hover your cursor over the number in the people column. It will say “[x] Email Solicitable”.

See a Kindful Group in MailChimp

If you look at your list of Contacts in MailChimp, you will see the Groups represented as Tags in the line of the contact record. 

See a MailChimp Tag in Kindful

A MailChimp tag will appear on the Groups page in Kindful. In order to get the tag to sync to Kindful, the contact must be a part of an Audience that is in sync with your Kindful + MailChimp integration.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 



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