Custom PayPal Campaign Mapping

Custom PayPal Campaign Mapping

When your PayPal transactions sync to Kindful from a non-Kindful hosted page, they are automatically assigned to a general PayPal campaign.

With a setup fee, Kindful can now make those same PayPal transactions go into the campaign of your choice!

 How does it work from a technical standpoint?

  • When a PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is received, Kindful sends a GET Request for PayPal Details on that transaction.
  • Kindful will check to see if a Campaign ID is in the transaction details from PayPal to determine which campaign to assign to that transaction.

 How do you make it work?

Simply contact for a services quote to set this up for your account!

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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