Custom PayPal Campaign Mapping


By default, incoming PayPal transactions that flow in via the IPN will go to an automatically created campaign called "PayPal" within your Kindful account. Read on to learn more about how to map these incoming transactions to the singular Campaign of your choosing.

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Custom PayPal Campaign Mapping

When your PayPal transactions sync to Kindful from a non-Kindful hosted page, they are automatically assigned to a general PayPal campaign. If you would like to have all of these incoming transactions be assigned to a different (singular) campaign, Kindful can help.

How do you make it work?

Simply contact for a services quote to set this up for your account!

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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