CharityAuctionsToday: Overview & Connecting to Kindful

Use this integration to help manage online auctions and see the data flow into your Kindful account. To use this integration, you must have API Access enabled on your Kindful account. If you do not have this, or you are unsure, please reach out to our Support Team.

Once this integration is connected, all new activity post-connection will sync to Kindful.

This article gives an overview of the CharityAuctionsToday integration with Kindful, and shows you how to connect CharityAuctionsToday to your Kindful account.

Overview of the CharityAuctionsToday integration

Kindful's integration with CharityAuctionsToday allows you to:

  • Sync CharityAuctionsToday bidders and attendees in your Kindful database
  • Automatically create or update contact profiles for registered attendees
  • Create new transactions in Kindful for CharityAuctionsToday item sales and donations
  • Search and create reports in Kindful based on event registration
  • Seamlessly merge donor information between CharityAuctionsToday and Kindful to see the full picture of your donor and create more targeted, informed, and effective online fundraising campaigns  

Connecting to CharityAuctionsToday

Log in to Kindful, and go to Apps on the left sidebar.

Click Custom Apps.


Choose the option to Create a new application.


Fill in the Name and description field. This will be a name and description you can use to identify the integration in the future.

Now, generate the security token to complete the integration.

Copy the full application token and head to your CharityAuctionsToday account to paste it in.

You can log into your CharityAuctions Today account directly, or find the CharityAuctionsToday app in the Kindful App Directory and select More, then Connect.


After you've been redirected to CharityAuctionsToday's website, select Login in the top right. Then sign in with your credentials.


From your CharityAuctions Today user dashboard, select Account, then click on Integrations.


Press Install in the Kindful tab.

Paste in the generated Kindful token into the field provided and hit “Go”.

If asked, click Authorize to allow CharityAuctionsToday to access Kindful.


When the integration is successful, the Kindful box will activate and turn green.

After this action completed, CharityAuctions Today will update your Kindful account with new bidders who register as well as any payment transactions made on your auction page. 

All transactions will sync into Kindful in a "General" Campaign. Edit the transactions individually, or use our Bulk Edit tools to adjust these transactions if you so wish.

This integration will create new contacts in Kindful if a bidder does not yet exist, or append to existing contacts in Kindful if the bidder already exists in your Kindful account.

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