Add a Signature to Your Templates

You can add a signature to your donation receipts as well as any of your email/letter templates, giving a personal touch to the letters you generate and email.


Read the steps below on how to create, upload, and insert a signature image file into your templates for both email and printed communications.

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Upload a Signature

First, you'll need to create a JPEG file of the signature you want included in the letters. You can do this easily by signing your name on a piece of white paper and taking a photo with the camera on your phone or computer. If you take it on your phone, email it to yourself so you can open it on your computer. The recommended size for this image is 266x150px.

Once you have the signature photo on your computer, go to Settings in Kindful, then General Settings. Scroll to the Images section, and the last option you'll see is Transaction Receipt Signature Image. Upload your signature image here.


Adding a Signature to a Template

Now that you have your signature in your Kindful account, you can add it to your email/letter templates.

Go to Communication, then Templates. From here you can either create a new template or edit an existing one.

When editing the body of your template, Insert a Tag, and choose Signature to have your new signature automatically inserted when you generate this template.



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