Kindful and CAPTCHA

Kindful now offers CAPTCHA for your donation pages.  In the event someone tries to process donations on your donation page, and they have multiple unsuccessful attempts (as indicated by the amount in the highlighted block below), they will be presented with a CAPTCHA to authenticate their session.

Alter the number of payments it takes for CAPTCHA to be presented in your Transaction Settings by going to Settings > Fundraising Settings > Transaction Settings, but by default, this number is set at 3. 


What does CAPTCHA do?

CAPTCHA tracks payment attempts by IP address, which is unique for each user.  After the specified number of payment attempts, donors will need to solve a CAPTCHA puzzle to be able to process their donation, thereby proving their humanity. 


Who sees the CAPTCHA puzzle?

Only your donors will see this puzzle.  If you charge a donor directly from their Kindful contact record, you will not need to solve this puzzle.  


What if I don't want to use this feature?  

If you would like to turn this off for your donors entirely, contact, and we can disable this feature for you.  



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