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The "Or" statement filter is a very powerful way to get a unique set of data in your account by looking at one of many values you might be looking for. Pull a list of Campaigns by the Or logic instead of the And logic. Find a list of multiple Contacts "By Name" who have given to one of many campaigns.

Use the filters; "Or", "By Name: 'contact_name'", "By Name: 'contact_name'", etc.

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By default, when you add a second filter to Kindful's filtering bar on the Activities or Contacts page, an "and" filter is used. For example- if you filter for "in group," then add the filter, "to campaign," you are saying, "show me the people in this group that have also given to this campaign." 

Use the "Or" filter to show people that are either in that group or have given to that campaign?.

How to Use the "Or" Filter

Start the filter by selecting "Or" from the drop down menu that appears when clicking in the "current view" bar.

A drop down menu will appear within a grey box in the filter bar. The grey box represents the inside "or" filter, and everything included in the "or" filter will need to remain within that grey box.

Select your desired filter(s) from that drop down menu.

Of Note: Only the elements inside that grey box will adhere to the "or" filter.

After you add your first filter, a drop down will again appear when your first filter is completed and you can add in additional values here.

It is recommended to use the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate to the next applicable spot. This will help to keep you inside of the grey "Or Filter" box.

You can add as many filters within the "or" filter as you like. You can even add more filters outside of "or" filter as needed. Adding filters outside of the grey box will convert those subsequent items into an "and" statement.

See an example of this below showing contacts in any one of the groups that have also given to a particular campaign.

How to Use the + Option

Alternately, you can use the button that appears when you click on the filter name (e.g. In Group).

When you click the name of the filter (e.g. "In City"), it turns the filter blue. From there, you can click on the + icon to add in additional values. 

Repeat this process as many times as it takes to add in all necessary values.

Multiple entries will appear and will be separated by a comma.



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