How to Receipt a Pledge

This article goes over creating thank you emails/letters for your pledges. You can also create automatic emailed receipts for one-time donations and recurring donations.

We recommend following this process in order.

1. Create a template

Go to Settings, then Email/Letter Templates, and Create New Template.

Set up your new template and ensure the Type is set to Acknowledgement (the Acknowledgements type allows that template to be either emailed or printed).


Make sure you use the Pledge Info For Receipt tag. This will automatically pull in a receipt block indicating the amount pledged. Use text above/below the tag to make the letter feel more personalized.


Learn more about email/letter templates here.

2. Set up Acknowledgement filter

Go to Tools, then Acknowledgements, and create a New List.

Title the list, then choose either Snailer or Email.

  • Choose Snailer if you want to print the receipt
  • Choose Email if you want to email the receipt 
Note: For someone to be eligible for a letter, they must 1) have a complete address on file, 2) have communication preferences set to Allow Solicitation, and 3) not be marked as deceased.

After selecting the type, select the template (which you created earlier in this process).

Select the filter bar and add a filter of Activity Type: Pledge, in addition to any other filters you'd like.


Learn more about creating Acknowledgements here.

Learn more about filtering here.

3. Enter in pledges

Select Add New at the top of the left sidebar, and add new Pledges to your contacts. These will then populate your Acknowledgements queue.

Once you're done entering your pledges, it's time to generate the Acknowledgement.

Note: If you've already entered the pledges, you will need to use the Historical Date Picker (see Step 6) after the next step of Generating your Acknowledgement to pull these back into the queue.

4. Generate your Acknowledgement

Select Tools, then Acknowledgements.

You should now see a number indicated next to this Acknowledgement showing the same number of entries you made.

Note: if you have multiple pledges for the same contact, those will be consolidated. The Action Needed column is for how many unique contacts are in this queue, not individual transactions themselves. A contact with multiple matching transactions will have their letters display this.

Select either Generate (for print) or Preview & Send to Email.

Based on how you set up your template, you can preview the letter or email before you send them to a pledged donor. Here's an example of a printed letter we made through this help article.
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