Recurring Transaction Receipts and Processing

Recurring transaction receipts

This article provides information about the Recurring Transaction Receipt Email settings on your Campaigns page. 



Default Campaign Transaction Receipt Emails

When a transaction processes for the first time, it must have a transaction receipt. The email/letter template type for this receipt must be Transaction Receipt.

Recurring transactions must also receive a transaction receipt. Recurring transactions, when processed for the first time, will receive this receipt. 

Default Recurring Transaction Receipt Email

This email is sent when a recurring transaction is initially created, in which no payment has processed yet. This template must be a Recurring Donation Receipt type. 

This letter should state something like, "Dear John, thanks for becoming a recurring donor to XYZ."

Subsequent Recurring Transaction Receipt Email Template 

This receipt must also have a Transaction Receipt type template.

These are meant for recurring donations that take place after the first payment has processed. The thought behind these is that your recurring donors will get a transaction notification the first time they give, and then all donations after that receive a slightly altered message. This allows you to give them extra thanks up front while being able to make your recurring receipts more simple and streamlined.

Recurring transaction processing

A donor can control the frequency of their recurring donation (1st of the month, 1st Monday of the month, etc.).

Kindful's automated recurring billing process begins at 9 AM UTC every day (which is 4 AM CDT or 3 AM CST). 

For example, a donation is set up for the 1st of every month. On the 1st of July, that donor's card (or ACH) would be charged near 4 AM Central that morning.


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