Recurring Transaction Receipts

You may have come across Recurring Transaction Receipts setting on your Campaigns and on the Transactions page, and you may wonder what this is all about.  Read on in this article to find out why you would use each type, in what scenario, and how to set them up.



What is the difference?


When you have an actual transaction (monetary) come through (for the first time), that receipt, no matter what, needs to get a snailer type = transaction receipt.

If it is a recurring transaction, even if it is the FIRST time it comes through (monetary here), it needs to get a transaction receipt.

Next, we have the Default Recurring Transaction Receipt Email. This is an Email that goes out (thus has to be a Transaction Receipt) BUT it only goes out when someone sets up a recurrence in the FUTURE and no transaction (monetary) is taking place. It would be a letter that says "Dear John, thanks so much for deciding to be a recurring donor to XYZ. We love you."

Lastly, there is the Subsequent Recurring Transaction Receipt Email. These again need to be set as Snailer Type = Transaction Receipt (this one may be a little more clear cut). These are meant for recurring donations that come through AFTER the initial one. So the thought behind these is that your recurring donors will get a nice transaction notification the FIRST time they give, and then all donations thereafter are a slightly altered message, so they don't feel barraged with receipts making them feel like they are just a dollar value to your organization.


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