If you have been working through your Kindful Settings page, and clicked in the Custom link, you may have noticed the Sponsorship fields where you can set labels.                                    


This section is a labeling mechanism used if you are using our Cart/Product values and assigning these to your recurring transactions.  

Typically, this is used by organizations who are running things like monthly recurring child sponsorships. With this we see Carts/Products being created automatically via webhooks from an organization's website.

When you create a recurring transaction in the system, you can create a Product for the recurring donation to be assigned to.  It can be very helpful if you want to assign your donations to this flag, but is not a required functionality.

To create your Sponsorship within Kindful, add a Recurring donation from the contact profile.  This will display a menu to create your products.  Click Create Sponsorship.

Create your Product. The SKU is arbitrary here, but is required, and note if you are connecting this back to your website, it will need to be consistent there.

When you have set up your Recurring Transaction, you can then edit it from the Contact profile page.  From here, you can now see these options.  Start by editing your recurring transaction, and adding the Cart.

Next, fill in your values in the options which appear.  This will create and assign your cart/product setup.

Keep an eye on Amount and Quantity.  Amount is the singular dollar value of the recurring transaction.  Quantity is the number of "sponsorships" that the Amount will buy.

These details will now be available as details on a transaction as well as for reports, etc.

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