How To Manage Memberships in Kindful

Kindful's Best Practices for Basic Membership Management

If your organization offers memberships, you can use Kindful’s campaigns, recurring transactions, and cart API for basic membership management that you can directly control from within your Kindful database.

The following instructions are a guide for establishing optimal user experience with members. The best practices for helping admin users manage their workflow are also included.

This process is best managed when you use a custom developer for these purposes.  


1.  Create Membership Campaigns

Utilizing campaigns to filter membership payments is vital. The name is not important. Often a single “Memberships” campaign is sufficient, but separate membership levels can be set up as well (e.g., “Gold Membership” and “Platinum Membership"). 

How to Create a Campaign


2.  Link all membership recurring payments to Membership Campaigns

By ensuring all recurring membership payments are linked to the membership campaigns, filtering and creating reports around memberships is simplified.


(Optionally) Leverage Kindful’s Cart API to set up membership landing pages

This allows you to have a membership page on your website where you can list your membership levels and/or packages. Create a call-to-action that links to a Kindful checkout page with the membership payment amount and recurrence information. For example, here’s a Kindful cart page with a preset Membership Campaign, a fixed payment amount, and an annual recurring payment for today’s date.


Note: Reference for the latest documentation about using the Cart API and on which parameters can be used to meet your specific needs.

Here’s an example of what your Membership Website Page could look like. List your membership levels and have hyperlinks to custom Kindful checkout pages per membership level.



Here’s an example of what your Kindful Checkout Page could look like. "Campaign", "Recurrence", and "Amount" are preset and locked.



3.  Create and Schedule Reports tailored to your needs

A common example would be to see which memberships will be renewed next month. For this, you would filter Contacts. You would use the filter path: "Has Recurring Transaction" (Yes), "To Campaign" (Memberships), "Gave In Month" (input the Month for 11 months ago).

Another example is to find all recurring transactions that occurred for a specific campaign in a specific month. It is likely that admin users want to know all the recurring transactions that were created 11 months ago. Here’s an example report for this:

If memberships will be paid by cash or check, Kindful has an “offline” recurring transaction feature which can be enabled for “offline recurring” reporting. Please contact if you need this feature enabled on your account.


Grant 3rd-Party Website Access to Members with Kindful Credentials

Kindful customers can use OAuth to give their members access to a member portal on their website to access members-only content.

For this functionality, please refer to our developer documentation for instructions on setting up an OAuth Application:

For example, the Sea Turtle Project is using OAuth to allow members to login to their member portal on their website. A member will click on Member Loginand a Kindful login opens where the member must enter their Kindful credentials. Kindful checks to see if that member has a recurring transaction to Sea Turtle Project’s Membership Campaign.



If the member does have a membership set up, they are authenticated and redirected to the Sea Turtle Project’s Member Portal.


Important Things to Note

  • Using OAuth is a technical integration which will require engineering resources not provided by Kindful
  • Kindful does not support dynamic grouping. For example, Kindful will not automatically place contacts in a different group if people change their membership levels.
  • Kindful does not send automatic renewal notices to members. For example, Kindful will not automatically send an email notifying a contact of their upcoming renewal if a contact’s membership renews the following month.
  • There is no feature for setting an "expiration date” for a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual transaction. In this model of using recurring payments for memberships, memberships will auto-renew until action is taken.
  • Admin users have to manually update the membership level for a member that wants to change their membership level.
  • If membership fees change in amount, admin users will need to edit each existing recurring transaction by adjusting the amount for each member’s recurring transaction.

    Still have questions?

    Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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