Network for Good Sync

If you have a connected Network For Good account with your Kindful account, here is what to expect with the sync.

What exactly will happen when we sync with Network for Good?

--> Each night, all of your transactions that came in via your Network For Good (NFG) donate pages (by a cutoff time set by NFG) will be dumped into your Kindful account in a mass upload to the system.

Will contacts be duplicated?

--> The first time a new NFG contact comes into Kindful with a previously entered contact (by a source other than NFG, so eg, by hand) it can duplicate. When your donors give multiple times via NFG, and those donors sync in with the same source being NFG, those will not duplicate. In the event you see duplications, if you simply merge them once, it will prevent future duplicates from happening.  See this article for information on how to merge duplicate contacts.

Will campaigns and funds set up in Kindful be recognized?

--> Your NFG donations will sync into a singular NFG campaign called Network For Good Donations. The selection your donors choose from any potential dropdown you have on your NFG site (where you want the donation to go) will be brought in as an additional detail on these transactions in Kindful.


To have further control over your donations and what Campaign they are assigned to, in addition to seeing these in real time and receiving your donations quicker, please check out using Kindful's donation page functionality or contact us for more information.

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