Column Sets


Use Column Sets to help you easily create reports, taking out the step of having to click all of those little column checkboxes. These are great if you often need the same column sets for reports you run.

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Create a Column Set

Go to Settings and click on the Reporting Settings link and then select Column Sets to see a list of your existing custom column sets. Click New Column Set.


Name your column set and choose the Report Type depending on what type of report you need this column set for.

Of Note: If you create a column set and associate it with "Contacts", this means it will only be available for reports created on the Contacts page, and not the Activities page. The same logic applies if creating a set associated with "Activities".

Choose the columns you want included by clicking the checkboxes.

Note: Be sure to choose both activity and contact columns if you're setting up an Activity Column Set.

When you're all done, make sure you Save

When you create your next report from either the Contacts or Activities page, you can choose the column set you just created from the Pre-Selected Column Set dropdown.



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