Using Pledges in Causes

This article covers pledges within the context of Causes. Learn more about pledges here.


Creating a pledge within a Cause is to enable your Team Leaders (who may not be admins in your account) to enter offline donations they receive on-the-fly. This would update their page's progress without requiring you (an admin) to deposit a check on their behalf.

When these pledges are entered, the amount raised on that Cause page will increase, but it's designed intentionally to NOT automatically show in your Activities page. This is to prevent issues arising if the team leader never gets the funds, for example.

There are a few reasons to put these transactions into your Activities page.

  • To have these donations actually hit your database for totals, receipting, etc.
  • To change an entry of a donor's name from Anonymous to Visible (or vice versa)
  • To ensure your Cause pages accurately reflect the amounts in your system

Editing a Cause pledge

To get into these transactions and edit them, you can go to the specific Cause's root page and click on Pledges. You'll see a number after the word Pledges when the Team Leader has entered an amount.


You'll see a summary of all the transactions. At this point, you can either Complete or Delete these pledges.


Clicking Complete will show a dialog box for you to fill out.

From there, you have options to Create a New Contact, how to enter their Transaction Type, or match it to an existing contact (if they exist). 


Viewing a Cause pledge in Activity

Visit the Activities page to find the Cause pledge you just edited.

Click the dropdown arrow on the right side of the activity line, and choose Complete.


Now you can turn the activity from a pledge into a transaction. Before clicking Create, you can also choose to Allow Public Name Display toward the bottom.


After these steps, the donor's name will show on the Cause page.

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