Set Up Automatic Emailed Donation Receipts


Kindful will automatically receipt your donors and their successful as well as declined online donations, as long as donations are received via a Kindful donation page or plugin. However, if you're trying to set up your automatic email receipts and customize their messaging, we'll show you how in this article.

Of Note: Donations syncing in from outside sources (e.g. Stripe Create, PayPal, QuickBooks, or another connected integration) will not receive an automatic receipt from Kindful.

Outlined below are two different options: standard messaging for all transactions, or individualize emails for donations or Campaigns.

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Option 1: Successful Transaction Messaging

The first option is to use a standard message for all online donations.

Do this by going to Settings > Fundraising Settings > Transaction Settings.

Find the Successful Transaction Messaging box and fill in your own message. This note will be automatically emailed out along with a receipt block (portion of the email that automatically pulls in donor's receipt) for all online donations.


Option 2: Create a Custom Template

You can set up a custom template within Kindful's email/letter templates section. You'll set this specific template up as a transaction receipt, which is used for automatic emails.

Learn more about creating email/letter templates here.

After you're made one of these templates, you can assign it as the default for all online donations, or as individualized email receipts on a per Campaign basis.

Go to Settings > Fundraising Settings > Transaction Settings. Select the transaction receipt template you have created, from the menu displayed under Receipts section. You can also set your default receipt template for failed transactions here as well.


You can also set your default receipt template for failed transactions here as well.


Of Note: When using Bloomerang Payments as your payment gateway, we will automatically update all cards for you, so no need to set an expiring card template when using Bloomerang Payments.

Go to Fundraising, then Campaigns. Select the edit icon edit_icon.png for the Campaign you want to change.

Scroll to the Default Transaction Receipt Emails section and change accordingly.


Checking Donor Interaction with Emails

When a donor is sent an email automatically from Kindful, no activity is created. However, when the donor opens the email, we will create a unique activity for each interaction. This can mean that multiple email opens of the same message by the same donor can result in multiple, repeated activities on the donor's Activity Trail.


Troubleshooting Automatic Receipt Emails

To ensure your automatic receipt emails will be sent, you'll need to make sure the checkbox labeled Disable success transaction emails? is unchecked. Checking this box will prevent automatic receipts from being sent. You can alternately Turn Off automatic emails by checking this box.

You can find this option in between Enable campaign api access? and Disable transaction failure emails? checkboxes, midway through the Campaign Settings page.


Using Your Kindful Logo on Emails

The logo which you uploaded into your Settings will appear in the top left corner by default. It cannot be moved to a different location. To help ensure that the logo displays as clearly as possible, double-check that the size is within 200 x 80 pixels and adjust accordingly if it is not.

Including Standard Language on All Communication

We advise putting a statement about your 501c3 status on your emails. This is not included by default on automatic emails; however, it is automatically included (unless overwritten) on your year-end tax summaries. We advise adding a line or paragraph to all of your templates indicating this information. You can choose a smaller font, even in italics, and center it along the bottom of your letters as you see fit. This statement must be manually added to each of your email receipt templates if you wish to include it.

When A Donor Cannot Receive an Emailed Receipt 

A donor must have an email on file to be able to receive a receipt. An email is required when a donation is made online, but going back and resending an email receipt from the Activities page will be impacted if the donor has no email on their profile.

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