Setup Automatic Emailed Receipts

Kindful will automatically receipt all of your online donations without you having to do a thing.  But, if you are looking to setup your automatic email receipts and customize the messaging in it, read on to found out how.

You have two options

1. Use a standard message for all online donations. Do this by going to Settings > Transactions and editing the Successful Transaction Messaging box. This note will be automatically emailed out along with a receipt block for all ONLINE donations processed via Kindful.

2. You can create and send a Custom Template. Read this article on how to setup a custom template (also copied in below). The article talks about setting up a Snailer Type = Transaction Receipt, which is used for auto emails. When you create these types of templates, you can assign them as the default for ALL online donation (by going to Settings > Transactions and selecting your Default Transaction Receipt) or you can setup individualized email receipts on a per campaign basis (by going to Settings > Campaigns and editing the specific campaign to set the default transaction receipt for said campaign). 

Default for ALL online transactions


Creating a New Snailer Template


1. Head to Settings and click "Snailer Templates" from the left side menu. 

2. From there, click Create New Template.

3. You will create a new letter to be emailed out.

  • Title It (for your knowledge).
  • Enter a subject line (which will appear in the donors email inbox).
  • Select a Snailer Type: (Transaction Receipt is used for Emailed Receipts).
  • Type your letter. 

    Please note, do NOT copy and paste directly from a word processing application (e.g. Microsoft Word). This will bring in unwanted formatting into your generated letters. Please either type your letters into the template editor, or copy your letter from Word and paste it into a plain text editor (NotePad, TextEdit, etc) as doing this will remove the hidden formatting. You can copy and paste this version into your Snailer Template body if desired.

  • Use the Tags from the dropdown option in the upper right section of the the editor. Some examples are Transaction Amount, Transaction Date, Last Gift (for the amount donated - for Printed letters) / Transaction Amount (for Emailed Receipts), Last Gift Date (the date of their gift - for printed letters) / Transaction Date (for Emailed Receipts). The tags populate with the corresponding information in the contact's profile.
  • Click "create template." 

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