With Kindful Chapters, you have the ability to manage multiple branches of your organization within an integrated system. Each Chapter in your nonprofit has its own Kindful database, while you get a network of automatically connected systems for global reporting and oversight. Individual Chapters can manage their own donation tracking and campaign management, and you can pull comprehensive reports to track organizational growth.

Chapters manage...

  • Contacts

  • Groups

  • Transactions

  • Campaigns

  • Pledges

  • Registration forms

  • Causes

  • Public donation pages

  • Snailers (paper mailings) and Snailer templates

  • Transaction Receipts

  • Pledge Receipts

  • Filtering and reports

  • A Chapter payment gateway to receive donations for the chapter


Parent Organizations have the power to manage everything listed above AND they have the ability to configure global presets for all Chapters, including:

  • Funds

  • Custom fields

  • Participant categories

  • A single email marketing integration that can sync all people and groups within individual Chapters

Full Feature Comparison:






Admin user management

Cause management

Chapters management

Contact management

Campaign management

Donation page configuration

Email marketing integration (Emma or MailChimp)


or MailChimp



Filtering and reporting

Fund management



Participant category management


Payment gateway integration

Person custom field management


Pledge management

Registration forms

Transaction management

Two-way QuickBooks Synchronization*

additional fee


Use Cases:

  • Branding & Customization

    • Every Chapter has its own customized database, branded donation pages and templates

  • Aggregated Reporting
    • View and Report on Contact and Transactional data at the Chapter level or view aggregated data at the Parent level.
  • Payments & Payment Gateways

    • Use Kindful Chapters when multiple gateways are required
  • Internationalization

    • Set a currency at the chapter level and view aggregated totals in the parent currency at the Parent level.


*Of note, Chapters are currently only available on Growing Level accounts.  Contact us for more information on setup and pricing.


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