Report Columns

Kindful offers many report columns available in custom report creation. This feature comes up after you have filtered on the Contacts or Activities pages, and have select "Create Report" from the right side menu. 

Here is the list of all of them. Most are self-explanatory, but we have added some insight on those that may be lesser known columns. Also, it is worth noting the Activity columns are all directly related to the Activity itself (transaction, note, etc.) and Contact columns are related directly to information about the contact (person or organization record). 

Activity Columns


  •  Activity Type
  •  Created At
  •  Amount
  •  Transaction Type
  •  Tax Deductible Amount
  •  Acknowledged?
  •  Declined?
  •  Gateway Response - the given response from the merchant gateway (Stripe,, PayPal) directly related to the transaction listed.
  •  Campaign Name
  •  Fund Name
  •  Pledge Payment? - Shows if this payment was applied to an open Pledge.
  •  Recurring Payment Number - Number of the recurring payment in the system. 
  •  Transaction Asset - The type of asset given in a non-cash/in-kind gift (car,  medicine, books, etc.).
  •  Check Number
  •  Card - Last four digits of card used. 
  •  Card Type - Card brand- Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc. 
  •  Campaign External Id 1
  •  Campaign External Id 2
  •  Campaign Custom 1
  •  Campaign Custom 2
  •  Campaign Custom 3
  •  Cause - Shows if money was paid toward a Cause. 
  •  Team - If money was paid toward a Cause, the team it went toward. 
  •  Team Member - If money was paid toward a team, the team member it went  toward. 
  •  Admin Note
  •  Cart Items - Used in conjunction with a custom created page that you or a web  developer would have created. This could be any "product" that was custom  created to pass into Kindful from that custom page. 
  •  Note Content
  •  Note Type
  •  Note Subject
  •  Gift from Org - True/False that the money given was from an organization.
  •  Org Contact - The contact on file for an organization record.
  •  Tax Receipt ID - Only applicable to International organizations outside the  United States. 
  •  EventBrite Event Name
  •  Split Parent? - A Yes/No response stating whether or not the transaction listed is  the parent transaction (original) of a split transaction.



Contact Columns

  •  Name
  •  Formal Name
  •  Informal Name
  •  Preferred Name
  •  Email
  •  Phone
  •  Phone2
  •  Phone3
  •  Organization? - Whether or not this is a Person or Organization record. 
  •  Contact - Name of contact for org. 
  •  Keyline - Secondary ID number within Kindful.
  •  YTD Gift Total
  •  Fiscal YTD Gift Total
  •  Last Year Gift Total
  •  Last Fiscal Year Gift Total
  •  Last Gift Amount
  •  Last Gift Date
  •  Last Gift
  •  Next-to-Last Gift
  •  Largest Gift Amount
  •  Largest Gift Date
  •  Number of Gifts
  •  Lifetime Gift Total
  •  Member Code - Contact's Kindful ID number. 
  •  Birthday
  •  Chapter
  •  Address
  •  Address Line 1
  •  Address Line 2
  •  City
  •  State
  •  Postal Code
  •  Country
  •  Occupation
  •  Deceased?
  •  Communication Preference
  •  Allow Solicitation? - A communication preference.
  •  Marketing? - A communication preference.
  •  Newsletter? - A communication preference.
  •  Phone Calls? - A communication preference.
  •  Billing Acknowledgement? - A communication preference.
  •  Groups - Shows all Groups contact is currently associated with.
  •  External ID 1 - Contact ID used during import of data from a previous system.
  •  External ID 2
  •  External ID 3
  •  Alternate Email
  •  Mobile Phone
  •  Alternate Phone
  •  Work Phone
  •  Spouse Name
  •  Spouse Email
  •  Spouse Phone
  •  Spouse Occupation

If you have any more questions on these, please write to or use the "Help" button in your user. 

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