Inactivate a Cause Team

This article goes over inactivating an individual team within Causes.

Learn more about Causes here.

Inactivating a team allows you to keep your Causes operational while adjusting just one of the many teams you may have.

This is a great feature for advocates who want to raise money for a specific amount of time – like a birthday fundraiser. You can simply deactivate their fundraising team when their timeframe is over, and keep them moving forward with all your general fundraising efforts.

Inactivating a team

Go to Causes on the left sidebar. From there, open the Cause that team is active under.

Find the team from the list of teams and select DETAILS.


Once you're looking at the team editor, choose Edit Team Info.


Choose to Inactivate Team.


Once that team is inactivated, it will be moved to the end of the team list and be given the status Inactive.


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