Associate Tasks With A Contact

Assigning a task with a contact record is a great tool to be able to know exactly who you need to be focusing on.  Use this for functions like Grant tracking, pledge followup, and more!

When adding a Task, you can easily associate it with a contact in your Kindful database.  To do this:

1. Navigate to the contact profile with which you wish to associate a Task

2. Click the + Add New button in the top left corner

3. Select Task

4. Fill out your fields and be sure to check the box to Associate with your contact


Once it is added, you will see the list of your tasks from the megaphone icon at the top of your Kindful screen, just to the left of the Search Bar.


Clicking on the Task from the dropdown will expose the details of the Task. This includes the Contact assigned to, options to Remove the Task, Mark Completed, or Edit.


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