Associate Tasks With A Contact

This article explores associating a task with a contact. 


Associating a contact record to a task is a great way to know who you need to be focusing on. Use this for functions like Grant tracking, pledge followup, etc.

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Connect a contact to a task

Click the Add New button in the top of the left sidebar, and select Task. Enter the basics of your task here. Learn more about creating a new task here.

After filling out the task, enter the contact you would like associated with the task at the bottom, and choose their name from the dropdown.



Tip: If you open a contact profile and then add a new task, that contact's name will automatically be associated with that task by default.

When you've created your task, you can see outstanding tasks under the associated contact's profile.

Screen_Shot_2019-04-05_at_2.04.42_PM.pngYou can also see and edit all tasks in Tools, under Tasks

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