Campaign vs. Fund

When setting up your Kindful account, you may be wondering how to separate your transactions in the system.  Should you use a Campaign or a Fund?


  • Campaign: An organized effort to raise money for a specific purpose. Campaigns are specific projects that flow into more general funds.

  • Fund: A classification system for categorizing donations and other monies coming into a donor database. Funds are a general allocation made more specific through campaigns.


Transactions in Kindful have a first level interaction with what we classify as Campaigns.  Another way to say Campaigns according to Kindful is "where the money comes from" or "how the donor chose to interact".  Then a Fund is "where the money goes" or the "administrative" bucket for the donation.  It is set so that you will have one Fund consisting of multiple Campaigns.  A Campaign can only point to a singular Fund.


For example, let's say you have several events each year, and we will call those events as named below:


  • Winter Ball
  • Spring Gala
  • Summer Cookout
  • Fall Fundraiser


All of these specific Events would be created as Campaigns, and each of these campaigns would flow into a singular Fund, named "Events".


It would look like this:


  • Winter Ball Campaign, Events Fund
  • Spring Gala Campaign, Events Fund
  • Summer Cookout, Events Fund
  • Fall Fundraiser, Events Fund


Now, when you look at your Events Fund, you will see transactions from each of your specific Events held throughout the year.


If you have more questions about how to configure your Campaigns and Funds, please reach out to us at


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