QuickBooks Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your QuickBooks integration? Not sure why your data is not in sync? (or why the integration is not "running"?)

Check out these steps below!

  • Check that your account is connected and settings are correct. If you have not completed the step-by-step set-up instructions on the Integrations page in your Kindful Settings, you will need to do so before the integration will work.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting to your QuickBooks account from within Kindful.
  • If you recently connected, and are missing certain transactions or contacts, wait for one more sync process to finish running. It is possible it could take multiple syncs to capture all data.
  • How long did you wait for the sync to take place? It is possible for a full sync to take a few hours to finish.  
  • Note that only Kindful Contacts with an associated Transaction will be imported into QuickBooks. Contacts without Transactions will not be imported into QuickBooks via the sync process.
  • For a Kindful transaction to sync into QuickBooks, it needs to have a Designation. Transactions without a Designation will NOT sync into QuickBooks. A quick way to ensure all of your Kindful transactions have Designations is to set a Default Designation for each of your Kindful Campaigns. Do this in Settings > Campaigns. Find more info here. 
  • Remember Kindful only supports Sales Receipts, not Invoices and Payments. Invoices and Payments will not sync into Kindful.
  • In Kindful, you can explore the status of your data an integration using the QuickBooks Basic Search filters in the Contacts and Activities pages. For example, you can filter for Transactions without a Designation. None of those transactions will sync into QuickBooks without a Designation. So from here you can take action (such as manually assigning a Designation, or by ensuring that all of your Campaigns have a Default Designation.


  • Is your Sales Receipt "locked" in QuickBooks? If so, we will not be able to update it with changes from Kindful. QuickBooks "locks" sales receipts under certain conditions - such as when a deposit has cleared. 
  • Have you deleted Customer records in QuickBooks? The QuickBooks API does not inform us when a Customer has been deleted. If you've deleted one or more Customer records in QuickBooks, and they were linked to a Contact record in Kindful with a transaction, we would not be able to sync this data due to the "missing" Customer record in QuickBooks. If you've run into this scenario, please contact support. The best practice is to only archive Contact records in Kindful (don't delete Customers in QuickBooks.)
  • If your Sync Type field automatically changed from "Two-way" to "One-way", please contact support@kindful.com so we can evaluate your specific error, handle it, and turn the Two-way sync back on. This is a safety measure that Kindful performs when we receive an error message from your QuickBooks account in order to ensure integrity of your data. 

For QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Verify your "Push and Pull" dates are set and enabled. This allows the sync to send data to QuickBooks from Kindful and from Kindful to QuickBooks. For the full sync to work, this needs to be on.
  •  If you are missing certain transactions or contacts, try kicking off your sync manually one more time. It is possible it could take multiple syncs to capture all data.

Other issues

If you have trouble adding the application during setup, go here.

Not using sales receipts as mentioned above, but still need to get your QuickBooks information into Kindful? Click here.  Please note, having our team import this historical data will incur a fee.

If you have more questions about troubleshooting an issue with your QuickBooks integration, please email support@kindful.com. We are happy to help!

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