Organizing Transactions into a hierarchy of 3 Levels

When thinking about how you intend to setup your Kindful account, you may be considering how you have historically tracked your donations.  Kindful manages your transactions by default in a hierarchy of Campaigns and Funds (2 Levels).  You may have tracked (or want to) an additional layer within your donations.  Read on for details on best practices relating to organizing your transactional data into 3 tiers, whether preparing your data for a Custom Services Import, or in configuring your Kindful Account. 
Please note that in Kindful, there is a limit of 3 Custom Fields on a Campaign (and thus on a Transaction, since every Transaction is required to have a Campaign)
Organizing Transactions
You have 3 options for handling level 1, level 2, and level 3:
1) Fund - Campaign - Subcampaign
2) Fund - Campaign - Custom Field
3) Fund - Campaign - Cause
You should review this opinion along with your knowledge of your source data, what you've learned playing in the sandbox and watching videos in order to make an informed decision.
1) Fund - Campaign - Subcampaign
What it means: in this case, every transaction is actually tied to either a Campaign or a Subcampaign. Subcampaigns are merely grouped underneath (parent) Campaigns in the Admin UI, so that you can find them easier.
There is no automated "roll up" in reporting. However, it is easy enough to manually construct "OR" queries to report on all of the Subcampaigns of a parent. 
The main benefit here is you would free up a Custom Field for other use.
The main downside relates to the import process: there is no way to specify the hierarchy of Campaign and Subcampaigns in the import process. All Campaigns are imported on the same level. 
After the Import process is complete, you could reorder/organize your campaigns in the Kindful Admin so that you can view all of your campaigns as a tree. Try this out in Sandbox to see what we are talking about. 
What it means: There is a Custom Field stored on the Campaign for the 3rd level. You can filter by Campaign (level 2) or by the Campaigns' Custom Field (level 3). Filtering by Campaign returns everything at level 2. Filtering by the Custom Field returns everything at level 3. 
The main benefit is you get granular and roll-up reporting easily.
The main downside is it would take up a Campaign Custom Field (and you are limited to 3).
3) Fund - Campaign - Cause
What it means: The third level of your historical data is all applied to a Cause. Causes require a Cause Team. This solution is the most cumbersome as it's not the intended use of the Cause module. You would get the similar reporting capability as option 2. However, I want to stress that we do not recommend this solution.
The main benefit would be the ability to use a Custom Field in another way.

The downsides include needing to add a Cause Team for each Cause, using the module in a way it wasn't designed.
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