NCOA Scrubbing Service

Kindful is excited to offer a cleanup of your physical addresses within the United States! This is a paid service where we run selected addresses from your database through the National Change of Address database and allow correct addresses to replace existing incorrect entries. Request a quote today! Here is the process-

  • Place the contacts you wish to go through the NCOA scrub in a Group.
  • Email and request a quote for those contacts in the Group you just created. 
  • Kindful will review and quickly return a quote to you.
  • Service is paid for up front, and Kindful runs the service.
  • The results are displayed in Kindful for your review under "Address Verification" in Settings. 
  • You review and accept each change individually, or all changes at once.
  • Updates are then made automatically to your relevant contact records.

It is that easy. We look forward to hearing from you!


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