Emailing Year End Tax Statements

This article is an overview of using Acknowledgements to send Year-End Tax Summaries via email. Kindful created a more streamlined tool that will work for most cases, and be even easier than this method. Read more about this here.


You can setup an email to go out with year end tax information in it, however, it will not use the nice Year End Summary we give you already to be printed for your donors.  We do have some tags you can insert into your template that you create such as: Previous Year Transaction Total, which is a form of the receipt template, where all donations are show in a small receipt block. This would also be the process you would want to use if you wanted to encourage your donors to create a Kindful donor account, login, and print their own tax summaries.

If you wanted to send these via email, you would want to setup an Acknowledgement via Communication > Acknowledgements.  So on the above template you create, make sure it is Snailer Type = Acknowledgement.

When you make your new Acknowledgement, first you need to fill out the top line (title, select Email, and select your newly created template from the third dropdown).  Before clicking SAVE, you will want to filter for something like After Date: Dec 31, 2014 and Before Date Jan 1, 2016 to capture all of the gifts from 2015.   I would also add the filter in of Has Email: Yes to get only donors that have an email, thus need the emailed receipt. Once this filter is in, you can click Save at the top

Once you do this setup, you will be redirected to the Acknowledgements queue screen. 

Find your new Acknowledgement at the bottom of the list, then click on it and drag it up to the top of your list (if you have other Acknowledgements setup)

Use the historical date selector box in the lower left corner now.  Select in the box and go back to the start date to find the previous gifts.  Once you select the date by clicking it from the calendar popup, click the blue button to run the activities through.  This will take a little time to go through the process.  You will need to refresh your screen to check status (watch for incremental numbers) or just revisit a little later.

Once the numbers are done matching, click on the Send to Email button in the Actions column of the Acknowledgments page.

**If you find that your numbers of contacts needing a letter are fewer than that shown in our Tax Summary Tool, you should double check to make sure you have not marked any transactions as "Acknowledged". If you have any like this, they will not be included in your email list. 

To verify, you can open your Acknowledgement List by clicking Edit List, and add in the filter "Acknowledged: Yes". This will show you if any are acknowledged and need to be un-acknowledged before generating receipts. Do not save this, though.

If you have transactions that need to have that checkbox unchecked, you can do it on the Acknowledgment list view one-by-one, or you can exit the Acknowledgements view, head to Activities, and use our bulk edit tool to update all of these. Then head back to Acknowledgments to Rebuild List.**

This will give you a preview of the email.

If you approve, click send.



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