Getting Started with QuickBooks Desktop

There are two version of QuickBooks: online and desktop. This article explains how to connect Kindful to QuickBooks Desktop.

Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

To get started, go to Settings on the left sidebar, then the Integrations section. 

Important: Read through the instructions thoroughly and follow each step.  

Instructions to read first

Please read through all steps before continuing.


  1. Verify your current integration settings with the "Settings" button.
  2. Install QuickBooks Web Connector on the computer with QuickBooks.
  3. Download your qwc file.
  4. Open QuickBooks to the company file you want to use.
  5. Open the Web Connector: in top menu bar File > Update Web Services.
  6. Move the kindful_integration.qwc file to the QuickBooks Machine.
  7. In the Web Connector press Add an application in the bottom right.
  8. Choose the qwc file and press Open.
  9. Authorize New Web Service dialog should appear. Please review and press OK.
  10. QuickBooks Application Certificate dialogue should appear. Please choose either  "Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open" or "Yes, always" and press Continue.
  11. An option asks if personal data should be shared. Kindful does not need access to this information.
  12. Access Confirmation dialogue should appear.
  13. The web connector should now show a Kindful production row with a password box in the second to last folder.
  14. Enter password here into the password column and press enter.
  15. You should be prompted to save the password.


  1. Choose the application checkbox for Kindful production and then press Update Selected in the top bar.
  2. A QuickBooks sync will commence.
  3. Depending on the size, this may take anywhere from 5 minutes to many hours. Last Run should show OK when complete.
  4. Kindful is able to query for changes only, so subsequent syncs will be much faster.
  5. Once complete, it may take Kindful some time to finish processing the sync. The status can be reviewed using the Status button.
  6. Updates can be scheduled to occur regularly, even when QuickBooks is not active.
  7. Updates more frequent than once an hour are not supported.
  8. If you need to cancel a sync, the Web Connector doesn't provide a way to do this. Clicking on the Status button provides a way to cancel.


  1. Kindful imports Customers, Income Accounts, Classes, Sales Receipts.
  2. Kindful exports those items as well.
  3. A transaction must have a designation to get exported to QuickBooks.
  4. A transaction gets a designation by having it directly assigned, or through defaults that are set on the Campaign or Fund.
  5. Contacts are only exported if they have a transaction that can be synced.


  1. Kindful does not work with Deposits, Accounts Receivable, Invoices, Payments.

Connection walkthrough

Below you'll find a guided look into what you can expect when connecting your QuickBooks Desktop account to your Kindful account.  


Initial QuickBooks Setup

Creating a Customer from QuickBooks

Creating a Sales Receipt from QuickBooks

Settings for the integration within Kindful

Installing the Webconnector

Agreement to Terms

Kicking Off Sync from QuickBooks

Sync in progress as seen in Kindful 

Sync progress (status changes)


Sync progress (status changes)

Funds (Accounts) are shown as created in Kindful

Designations (Items) are shown as created in Kindful

Campaigns (Classes) are shown as created in Kindful

Kindful Dashboard showing synced QuickBooks transaction

New Contact created in Kindful 

Creating a Transaction within Kindful with new contact 

Synced and manually added transactions in Kindful

Detailed view of synced and manually added transactions in Kindful 

Running the QuickBooks sync again 

Watching the sync status from Kindful

QuickBooks Customer List, Note Kindful Added Contact

Sales Receipt added to QuickBooks from Kindful to Kindful-created contact

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