Update the Billing Method for Your Account


If your billing information is no longer accurate and you need to pay for your subscription to Kindful, you can change that info directly within your Kindful account to keep your subscription active.

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Subscription Invoices

First, click your name in the top-right corner of your Kindful account, then select Account. Then, click the Billing tab along the top of the page.


Billing Contact

You can view, edit, and add Billing Contacts for your account. To access this, your Kindful user must be set as Account Owner.

The Primary Billing Contact shown here is the contact that was used when your Kindful subscription was created. This contact can be edited, but it cannot be removed.


You can add Additional Billing Contacts by using the + Add billing contact button on this page. This will simply be an email address addition to this list.


Add (or Remove) Payment Methods

Select Payment Method from the sidebar menu to add or remove a payment method. 

*Note: When adding a new payment method, the new payment method will become the Primary payment method on your account. It's not possible to remove the primary payment method, as at least one electronic payment method is required by Kindful. First add a new payment method to make it your primary, then you can remove any other payment methods you like.


+ Add Payment Method

To add a new payment method to Kindful, click the + Add Payment Method on the Payment Method screen.


Enter your new bank account or credit card info. Clicking "Submit Payment" will submit and save your new payment info. 

Bank Account 


Of Note: When choosing ACH as your payment method, the form you fill out to verify your organization will read ACH Address 1, etc. 

Credit Card



Once you add a valid payment method, your payment will be processed automatically within one to two business days.

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