How to Generate a Mail Merge and Create Labels and Envelopes via Snailer (Mail Merge)

The creation of Labels in the Kindful system is tied to the Snailer process.

  1. To start this process, head to the Contacts Page.
  2. Filter for the contacts you need
  3. Click the √ Select All button (or the individual contacts)
  4. Click Mail Merge
  5. *Since you're creating just labels, the template you choose here is arbitrary
  6. Create the Merge 
  7. On the next page (Snailer Summary), you will have to refresh your page some while it loads 
  8. When it is loaded, you will see a button presented that allows you to Download Labels 
  9. Labels will be emailed to you in a PDF format, ready to be printed on an Avery 5160 Sheet 

You can do the same process as above, and also get Envelopes printed off.  These will have the Formal Letter Name and address of the Contact on them as well as your Organization's address in the return section in the top left corner.  If you want to disable the feature to have your return information on the envelope (because you already have pre-printed envelopes), you can disable your return address by visiting Settings > General and scroll down to the Communication section where you can click a box to turn this feature off.

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