Year End Tax Summary Letters

Kindful makes generating your year end tax letters a breeze.  We give you two templates to use in the system.  All we require is you take just a couple of steps, shown below:


1. Head to the Contacts Page.

2. Filter for Gave in Year: {{year}} 

3. Click the Select All button.              


4. Click Mail Merge.  


5. Select your Template. You can select the #9 Envelope Template to print letters that are ready to be folded into thirds and placed directly into an envelope with window openings (for your donor's address as well as return info).  The second Tax Summary Template is for standard #10 business envelopes where donor information will need to be affixed somehow to the front.

6. Click Create.


7. Once the Snailer has loaded (you will need to refresh your browser or revisit the page while it generates in the background), you can click Download Snailer. 

8. A PDF file of the letters will be mailed to you.

* An example of your tax summary (on the #9 Envelope template)


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