Connect Authorize.Net as a Payment Gateway

This article describes the process of connecting Authorize.Net as your payment gateway. It’s part of Step 3 in the Quick Start guide.

  Tip: There are three different payment gateways that you can choose from to make sure that online donations flow seamlessly into your Kindful database: Stripe, Authorize.Net, or PayPal.  



If you don’t already have an account with Authorize.Net, learn more and sign up at

All you need are the following items:

  1. Transaction Key
  2. API Login ID
  3. CIM needs to be enabled on your Authorize.Net account through Settings
  4. Enable the Transaction Details API in your Authorize.Net account. Read more about it here.

Simply send a message to and we'll give you a secured link for you to send the information over.

Once we have that, we'll get you set up and receiving donations through Authorize.Net in no time!


Connect with Authorize.Net

Here’s where to find those items in your Authorize.Net account:

  • Log in to Authorize.Net at
  • Click on Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.
  • From the Security Settings section, click API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  • Enter the Secret Answer to your account's Secret Question.

Once you’ve found the API Login ID and Transaction Key in your Authorize.Net account, go to Settings from the main sidebar on the left in Kindful.

From there, click Payment Gateway and select Sign Up & Connect under Authorize.Net to enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key.


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