Merge Contacts

This article describes how to manually merge two contacts. If you're trying to find duplicates in your database, you can use the Contact Duplicate Finder. Learn more about the Contact Duplicate Finder here.

There are two ways to merge contacts in the Kindful system. There is a tool under the "Tools" tab called "Contact Duplicate Finder" that will suggest duplicates to merge. However, you may need to merge them manually from time to time. Here are the steps below-

1. Find the two contacts that need to be merged on the Contacts page (you can only merge two contacts at a time). 

2. Click on their boxes in the top right corner.

3. Then, on the right hand side of the screen in the vertical action column, click Contact Merge.  


4. Click the blue arrow to point towards your new primary record.  This record that is pointed to will take precedence in terms of what Contact Information exists on the profile, but giving history will merge.

NOTE: Only transactional information merges, so make sure you choose the record with the most up to date contact information to be your primary.



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